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Four Mexican drug cartels top buyers and traffickers of Colombian cocaine, official says

22 Oct 2020

BOGOTA Mexico's Sinaloa, Jalisco Nueva Generacion, Zetas and Beltran Leyva drug cartels are the top buyers and traffickers of cocaine produced by criminal groups in Colombia, including current and former leftist rebels, according to a high-ranking Colombian security official.

Political failings put Colombian activists at risk: Amnesty

08 Oct 2020

BOGOTA Frequent threats, attacks and killings targeting local activists across Colombia highlight the government's inability to protect human rights defenders, advocacy group Amnesty International said on Thursday.

Colombia's mining future tied to metals not coal, minister says

02 Oct 2020

BOGOTA Colombia's mining future is in metals and not coal, Minister of Mines and Energy Diego Mesa said, and the Andean country will continue developing oil and gas projects, including non-conventional deposits.

Colombia court must decide who can grant freedom to Uribe, judge says

22 Sep 2020

BOGOTA Colombia's Supreme Court must establish whether a judge or the attorney general's office is responsible for deciding the future of a house arrest order against ex-president Alvaro Uribe, a magistrate said on Tuesday.

Colombian unions, students seek to revive mass protests against government, police violence

22 Sep 2020

BOGOTA Colombian workers and students protested against the social and economic policies of President Ivan Duque on Monday, seeking to revive mass demonstrations amid an economic crisis and recent incidents of police brutality.

Mayor of Bogota, Colombia, calls for reconciliation after deadly protests

14 Sep 2020

BOGOTA The mayor of Bogota begged forgiveness on Sunday and called for reconciliation after protests in Colombia’s capital the past week left 10 civilians dead and hundreds injured.

Mayor of Colombia's Bogota calls for reconciliation after deadly protests

13 Sep 2020

BOGOTA The mayor of Bogota on Sunday begged forgiveness and called for reconciliation after protests in Colombia's capital left 10 civilians dead and hundreds injured.

Colombia minister asks forgiveness as police brutality protests continue

12 Sep 2020

BOGOTA Colombia's defense minister apologized on Friday on behalf of the police for the death of a detained man that has sparked several nights of protests in Bogota and nearby Soacha, leaving 13 dead and hundreds injured.

Protesters regroup in Colombian capital for protest against police brutality

11 Sep 2020

BOGOTA Demonstrators took to the streets for a second night in Colombia's capital Bogota on Thursday to press ahead with protests against police brutality that have erupted in violence and taken nine lives so far.

Colombian man dies after police stun-gun shocks, prompting protests

10 Sep 2020

BOGOTA A Colombian father of two died in Bogota after police officers detained and repeatedly shocked him with a stun gun despite his pleas for them to stop, authorities said on Wednesday, igniting violent protests.

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