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India regulators probe alleged AstraZeneca shot reaction, trial continues

29 Nov 2020

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is assisting an inquiry into an alleged adverse reaction during AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine trial, but has found no reason to recommend halting it, a senior official at the regulator said on Sunday.

Farmers vow to step up protests, reject government appeal to lift blockade

29 Nov 2020

NEW DELHI Thousands of protesting Indian farmers refused to comply with a government appeal to stop blockading major highways into New Delhi on Sunday and vowed to intensify their action against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's liberalising reforms.

Elite runners brave Delhi race despite COVID-19 surge, pollution concerns

29 Nov 2020

NEW DELHI Some of the world's leading long-distance runners participated in a half-marathon in New Delhi on Sunday, even as India's capital grapples with a surge in COVID-19 cases and air pollution that has recently been among the world's worst.

Indian farmers defiant against reform as Modi tries to calm anger

29 Nov 2020

NEW DELHI, Nov 29 Thousands of Indian farmers, angry over reform of the agriculture sector, held a third day of protests on the outskirts of the capital on Sunday, blocking roads into the city and defying a government appeal to move to a designated site.

India's economic contraction slows as vaccines boost recovery hopes

28 Nov 2020

NEW DELHI The contraction of the Indian economy eased off in the three months to September amid signs of a pick up in manufacturing, and economists expect a steady recovery next year if progress on coronavirus vaccines feeds consumer demand.

Indian economy probably picked up in September quarter as hopes grow for vaccine

27 Nov 2020

NEW DELHI India's economy is likely to have shown signs of a pick-up in the quarter to September after a record contraction the previous quarter, and is expected to recover early next year on hopes of better consumer demand fed by progress on coronavirus vaccines.

Dussehra celebrations worsen Delhi's air pollution woes

26 Oct 2020

NEW DELHI New Delhi's appalling air quality turned a lot worse over the weekend as Hindus in India's capital burned effigies of the mythological demon king Ravana and lit firecrackers to celebrate the triumph of good over evil during the Dussehra festival.

India's retail inflation picks up in September as food prices soar

13 Oct 2020

NEW DELHI India's retail inflation picked up in September to 7.34%, its highest level in eight months, as food prices surged ahead of the festival season, increasing chances of a further delay in a rate cut by the central bank to bolster the shrinking economy.

India in stalemate on borrowing to help out pandemic-hit states

13 Oct 2020

NEW DELHI Spending to help India's pandemic-hit economy is likely to face delays after the federal government and some states on Monday failed to agree who should borrow to cover revenue shortfalls.

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