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Cuba names prime minister in move to lighten presidential load

21 Dec 2019

HAVANA Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Saturday named tourism minister Manuel Marrero Cruz as the country’s first prime minister in decades, under a new constitution that seeks to decentralize former leader Fidel Castro’s job.

Cuban economy still afloat despite U.S. sanctions: official

21 Dec 2019

HAVANA The Cuban economy remained barely in the black this year given punishing new U.S. sanctions, the country's economy minister said on Friday, forecasting 1% growth in 2020.

Explainer: Navigating Cuba’s money labyrinth

19 Dec 2019

HAVANA The Cuban government has ramped up moves of late to eliminate the Communist-run country's dual monetary system, a step many analysts say may take place in 2020.

Cuba takes another swipe at dual currency system

03 Dec 2019

HAVANA Two Havana department stores began on Monday to give change only in pesos, instead of the local dollar equivalent known as the convertible peso, in another step toward ending Cuba's dual monetary system.

Cuba cries foul as doctors head home from Bolivia

16 Nov 2019

HAVANA The first of around 700 Cuban doctors were scheduled to fly home from strife-torn Bolivia on Saturday as officials railed against what they charged was slander and mistreatment by Bolivia's conservative interim government.

Cuban leaders rally sugar workers to produce more with less

12 Nov 2019

HAVANA The Cuban sugar harvest gets underway next week with officials blaming stepped-up U.S. sanctions for shortages of everything from fuel to tires and calling on workers to produce more with less in response.

Cuba paying restructured Western debt despite crisis: official

06 Nov 2019

HAVANA Cash-strapped Cuba has begun paying a fourth installment on its renegotiated $2.6 billion debt to 14 creditor nations, and its chief debt negotiator, Ricardo Cabrisas, told Reuters this week that all payments would be made, even if a bit late.

Cuba lashes Trump, issues rallying cry to fight imperialism

04 Nov 2019

HAVANA Cuban Communist Party leader Raul Castro, President Miguel Diaz-Canel and Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro signalled on Sunday punishing U.S. sanctions would only stiffen their resolve to stick together and support social change in the region.

As Cuba seeks hard currency, dollar stores reopen after 15 years

29 Oct 2019

HAVANA Cubans flocked to a dozen shops that opened in Havana on Monday selling home appliances and spare parts for cars in dollars, as the cash-strapped government struggles to rake in tradable currency to purchase imports and pay its debts. | Video

U.S. bars airline flights to all Cuban airports except Havana from December 10

26 Oct 2019

WASHINGTON/HAVANA The U.S. government said on Friday it would bar U.S. airlines from flying to all destinations in Cuba besides Havana starting on Dec. 10 as the Trump administration boosts pressure on the Cuban government.

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