Margaryta Chornokondratenko

"All I could do was fear for my life", says Belarus singer who fled to Kyiv

06 Oct 2020

KYIV, Oct 6 Belarusian electro-folk singer Rusia Shukiurava fled Minsk in early September but every sight of a police officer or sound of a car with a siren still makes "everything squeeze" inside her.

With warm words and fast visas, neighbours woo IT workers fleeing Belarus

01 Oct 2020

By Ilya Zhegulev, Margaryta Chornokondratenko and Andrius Sytas

Vouchers at $72-per-day buy detainees in Ukraine bigger, better cells

29 Jul 2020

KYIV Ukrainians in pretrial detention can upgrade to bigger cells with modern conveniences like air conditioning and a microwave if they buy vouchers that cost $72 a day, under an initiative aimed as much at pranksters as real-life detainees. | Video

Toppling of statues in West prompts reflection in Russia, Ukraine over Soviet monuments

23 Jun 2020

MOSCOW/KYIV The targeting of colonial-era monuments in some Western nations has prompted activists in Russia and Ukraine to reflect on how their own countries dealt with Soviet-era statues and, in some cases, to ask whether it was good enough. | Video

Ukraine firm says pandemic to boost demand for flexible workspace

17 Jun 2020

KYIV, June 17 Coworking Platforma, Ukraine's biggest shared office operator, says that lessons learned during the coronavirus pandemic could boost demand for its services aimed at flexibility amid uncertainty.

Ukrainian rock band reinvents concerts - vertically

11 Jun 2020

KIEV Ukrainian rock band Green Grey says it has reinvented the concert hall so it can perform for fans while they are social distancing.

After long delay, parents finally meet surrogate baby in Ukraine

11 Jun 2020

KIEV For parents Jose Perez and Flavia Lavorino, the wait is finally over. On Wednesday, the couple from Buenos Aires met their baby son Manu for the first time, 71 days after he was born to a surrogate mother 8,000 miles (12,875 km) away in Ukraine. | Video

Apartment-bound Ukrainians check out portable homes

28 May 2020

KIEV Business is thriving for a company manufacturing portable houses in Ukraine as people cooped up in tower blocks under lockdown yearn to live closer to nature.

Mangoes off the menu for lonely primates, as Kiev zoo struggles in lockdown

09 May 2020

KIEV Mykhailo Pinchuk takes a short walk around his empty zoo, greeting some animals with a stroke and a morsel of food.

Online courses replace kindergarten for Ukrainian preschoolers

29 Apr 2020

KIEV Sharing a pilates mat, brother and sister Mykhailo and Maria Bondarenko practise basic yoga moves at home, following the instructions of a trainer via laptop. 

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