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EU chief says no-deal still possible despite progress in UK trade talks

25 Nov 2020

BRUSSELS The head of the European Union's executive on Wednesday reported "genuine progress" in Brexit talks but said the risk of Britain leaving the EU without a new trade deal on Dec. 31 remained, an outcome she said the bloc was prepared for. | Video

EU plans to open data to sharing in bid to rival Asia and U.S.

25 Nov 2020

BRUSSELS In an effort to avoid EU firms and citizens relying on data from Asian and U.S rivals, the European Commission is proposing new rules to allow sharing of public and personal data with businesses and research organisations.

Belgian regions close Warsaw office over rule of law record

20 Nov 2020

BRUSSELS, Nov 20 The Belgian regions of Brussels and Wallonia closed their office of representation in Warsaw on Friday over what they say is the Polish government's threat to judicial and media independence and anti-gay discrimination.

Belgian undertaker buries almost only COVID victims as second wave hits the country

12 Nov 2020

Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont, Belgium In a small town south of Brussels, funeral director Stephane Geeurickx says almost all the dead he has buried in the last weeks died of COVID-19, which was not the case when the pandemic first took hold. | Video

Belgian COVID-19 cases hit half a million, but signs of a peak emerge

09 Nov 2020

BRUSSELS, Nov 9The total of COVID-19 infections recorded in Belgium has hit half a million, according to data released on Monday, but the country may be past the peak of its second wave of coronavirus as the number of people in hospitals is decreasing slowly.

Belgium needs plasma to continue COVID-19 studies, Red Cross says

29 Oct 2020

BRUSSELS Belgian clinical studies to study the effectiveness of blood plasma for people recovering from COVID-19 are at risk of being suspended because of low plasma stocks, doctors said, prompting a call for more blood donors to come forward.

Belgian ambulance crews say they risk being overwhelmed by COVID

28 Oct 2020

BRUSSELS/PERONNES-LEZ-BINCHE, Belgium Belgian ambulance crews say they are at risk of being overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients, running out of capacity to handle other calls.

Belgium becomes EU nation with highest rate of COVID-19 infections

27 Oct 2020

BRUSSELS The Belgian government will convene on Friday to decide on a potential new national lockdown with the country now suffering the highest rate of coronavirus infections per 100,000 citizens, according to official data.

Almost 200 European airports face insolvency, airports body ACI Europe says

27 Oct 2020

BRUSSELS Nearly 200 airports in Europe will face insolvency in the coming months if passenger traffic does not start recovering by the end of the year, airports body ACI Europe said on Tuesday.

Belgium's former King meets estranged daughter for first time

27 Oct 2020

BRUSSELS Belgium's former King Albert has met his daughter Delphine for the first time, after she won a seven-year legal battle to prove that he is her father, earning recognition as a princess.

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