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Egyptian women use ancient Indonesian martial arts to fight abuse

20 May 2019

CAIRO In the heart of Egypt's capital, an ancient Indonesian martial arts sport is helping dozens of women stand up to harassment.

Ancient Christian manuscripts digitized at monastery beneath Mount Sinai

17 Apr 2019

ST. CATHERINE’S, EGYPT - At St. Catherine's Monastery at the foot of Egypt's Mount Sinai, the silence in the library is broken only by low electrical humming, as an early manuscript is bathed in green light. | Video

Egypt unveils ancient burial site, home to 50 mummies

03 Feb 2019

MINYA Egyptian archaeologists uncovered a tomb containing 50 mummies dating back to the Ptolemaic era, in Minya, south of Cairo, the ministry of antiquities said on Saturday.

Egyptians use mania over soccer star Salah to sell Ramadan products

16 May 2018

CAIRO Egyptian soccer star Mohammed Salah set a scoring record this season that helped Liverpool clinch fourth place in the Premier League. Now pictures of his bearded face are boosting sales ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. | Video

Egypt pins export hopes on new leather production city

23 Aug 2017

CAIRO Just beyond the outskirts of Cairo on a desert road to the Suez Canal, a sprawling industrial zone is coming to life as Egypt's leather industry leaves behind its ancient tanning quarters for modern workshops of Robiki Leather City.

Egypt's 'Cool Runnings' Special Olympians train for snowshoeing - on sand

20 Jul 2017

ALEXANDRIA, Egypt For Egypt's Special Olympics athletes, a lack of snow in their homeland did not stop them winning medals at this year's Winter Games. They trained on a surface that Egypt has plenty of: sand.

Egyptians ditch imports and buy local as pound sinks

12 Feb 2017

CAIRO Egyptian chocolate spread maker Swifax has doubled its sales and is struggling to keep up with demand since the pound currency dived in November, forcing shoppers traditionally "obsessed with everything foreign" to ditch pricy imports and buy local.

Egyptian film "Mawlana" provokes outcry over view of religion and state

23 Jan 2017

CAIRO An Egyptian box office hit that highlights the religious establishment's cosy relations with the state has provoked a backlash from Sunni Muslim clerics, with some calling for the film to be banned.

As drug supplies run short, Egyptians turn to herbal remedies

13 Jan 2017

CAIRO In an economic crisis that has led to a shortage of medicines, Egyptians are skipping trips to drug stores and instead turning to herbal remedies to treat every-day illnesses.

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