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Central Asia struggles with resurgent coronavirus after reopening

08 Jul 2020

BISHKEK A man in his 60s, distraught and tearful, cries "I don't know what to do now" as medical staff in protective gear carry the body of his dead wife out of a former bakery converted into a makeshift clinic in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan.

Ex-president of Kyrgyzstan surrenders a day after violent botched raid

08 Aug 2019

BISHKEK Kyrgyzstan's former President Almazbek Atambayev surrendered to security forces at his compound outside the capital Bishkek on Thursday, a day after a commando was killed in a failed attempt to arrest him that led to violent clashes with his followers.

Kyrgyzstan's wanted ex-leader evades arrest

08 Aug 2019

BISHKEK Kyrgyz elite security forces attempted to arrest former president Almazbek Atambayev at his house on Wednesday, but his supporters kept them at bay and killed at least one operative, local media and authorities reported.

Three people hurt in Moscow taxi incident to be discharged from hospital: RIA

18 Jun 2018

MURAS-ORDO/MOSCOW Three people injured when a taxi drove into pedestrians in central Moscow on Saturday will be released from hospital in coming days, state news agency RIA cited a city health official as saying.

Diplomatic row in Central Asia hurting Russia and Europe

03 Nov 2017

KANT, Kyrgyzstan An escalating diplomatic and trade dispute between Kazakhstan and its smaller central Asian neighbour Kyrgyzstan is hurting companies as far away as London, and pressure is growing on Russia to step in and reconcile its allies.

Outgoing leader's protege set to win Kyrgyz presidential election

15 Oct 2017

BISHKEK A protege of outgoing pro-Russian leader Almazbek Atambayev looked set for a surprise outright victory in Kyrgyzstan's presidential election on Sunday, despite polls having predicted a close runoff between him and an opposition leader.

Anschlag in St. Petersburg offenbar von Islamist verübt

04 Apr 2017

Bischkek/St. Petersburg Für den Bombenanschlag auf die St. Petersburger U-Bahn ist Ermittlern zufolge vermutlich ein Russe kirgisischer Herkunft verantwortlich.

St Petersburg metro blast suspect likely born in central Asia

04 Apr 2017

BISHKEK/ST. PETERSBURG, Russia A blast in a St Petersburg train carriage on Monday that killed 11 people and wounded 45 was probably carried out by a Russian citizen born in Kyrgyzstan, authorities from the predominantly Muslim central Asian state said on Tuesday.

Turkish cargo jet crashes into Kyrgyz village, 37 killed

16 Jan 2017

BISHKEK A Turkish cargo jet smashed into a village in Kyrgyzstan on Monday as it tried to land at a nearby airport in dense fog, killing at least 37 people, Kyrgyz officials and the airline said. | Video

Kyrgyzstan says Uighur militant groups behind attack on China's embassy

07 Sep 2016

BISHKEK A suicide bomb attack on the Chinese embassy in the Kyrgyz capital last week was ordered by Uighur militants active in Syria and carried out by a member of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, Kyrgyzstan's state security service said on Tuesday.

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