Peter Apps

Column: The dark new world of leaks, rumours and deadly hybrid war

14 Jul 2019

LONDON As Britain ponders the fallout from leaked diplomatic telegrams from its ambassador to Washington, it ponders an awkward question. Was the so-called “special relationship” deliberately sabotaged by Britain’s own officials or politicians releasing the material for their own political ends, or was the United Kingdom the victim of an attack by a foreign power?

Column: Trump's dance with autocrats keeps diplomatic doors open

03 Jul 2019

LONDON For those who accuse U.S. President Donald Trump of being more at home in the company of dictators, autocrats and authoritarian rulers than with democratic leaders, the past week has provided ready ammunition.

COLUMN-G20 leaders more preoccupied by domestic woes than ever: Peter Apps

27 Jun 2019

LONDON, June 27 World leaders have no shortage of global issues to discuss at this week's Group of 20 summit but, perhaps more than ever before, most will be more focused on their own domestic politics than on international diplomacy.

Column: As tensions rise, U.S. plan for Iran is unclear

20 Jun 2019

LONDON When Barack Obama was preparing his fight for a second term as U.S. president in 2012, his administration was preoccupied with two big foreign policy crises.

COLUMN- Turkey, S-400 and the new arms sale geopolitics: Peter Apps

14 Jun 2019

LONDON, June 14 Sometime next month, Russia may begin https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-turkey-security-missile/russia-plans-to-deliver-missiles-to-turkey-in-july-us-takes-dim-view-idUSKCN1TC1T0 shipping its S-400 air defence system to Turkey. It is a move that divides NATO, may see the Turkish military kicked out of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter project, and demonstrates just how central yet divisive high-tech weapons exports have become.

COLUMN-China president's favourite general trips up over Taiwan: Peter Apps

07 Jun 2019

LONDON, June 7 As head of Beijing's strategic nuclear forces and its fastest rising general, Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe had a reputation for "doing more and saying less". It was a methodical, determined approach that made him a clear favourite of President Xi Jinping, placing him at the heart of China's remarkable military revolution and its efforts to dominate the region.

COLUMN-Why Trump's Iran face-off may be more dangerous than North Korea: Peter Apps

30 May 2019

LONDON, May 30 Maritime security experts say there was likely https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-saudi-oil-usa-iran-security-analysis/tanker-attacks-near-uae-expose-weaknesses-in-gulf-arab-security-idUKKCN1SL1BH less than four kilograms of explosives in the limpet mine that tore open a gash in the stern of Norwegian oil tanker "Andrea Victory" as she lay at anchor off the United Arab Emirates on May 12. As with additional attacks against three other vessels and two major oil pipeline facilities https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-saudi-oil-attacks/saudis-falih-says-oil-pumping-stations-hit-by-explosive-laden-drones-idUKKCN1SK14P in nearby Saudi Arabia, there was little chance of the attacks causing catastrophic damage or disrupting the world's supply of oil.

COLUMN-Berlin airlift anniversary raises thorny geopolitical questions: Peter Apps

13 May 2019

LONDON, May 13 This week, dignitaries and Western military veterans celebrated the seventieth anniversary of the Berlin airlift, the mammoth year-long effort to break a ground blockade by the Soviet Union. Whether the United States and its allies would go to the same length to support an ally today, however, remains a very open question.

COLUMN-Huawei and the unravelling of globalisation: Peter Apps

08 May 2019

LONDON, May 8 When former Chinese army officer Ren Zhengfei founded Huawei in 1987, his business plan appears to have been relatively simple. By reverse engineering foreign-built phone switches and other basic telecoms equipment, the firm could undercut international rivals and become a worldwide market leader.

Column: Notre-Dame, Sri Lanka and democracy's social media dilemma

25 Apr 2019

LONDON When Paris’s Notre-Dame cathedral caught fire on April 15, it was only a matter of minutes before conspiracy theories were swirling across social media.

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