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As students map the weather, an Indian village bests its water woes

23 Aug 2019

KOTHAPALLY, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The village school in Kothapally, in southern India, has only a handful of amenities - blackboards, desks and chairs, a playground with a wooden bench under a tree. But it has one unusual resource: an automatic weather station.

India turns tables on traffickers with child-friendly courts

19 Aug 2019

BEED, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Radha was just 13 when she had to testify in open court against the people who trafficked her into prostitution in India, as a defence lawyer bombarded her with questions - why didn't she try to kill herself? Or run away?

India passes 'historic' minimum wage law amid activist worries

05 Aug 2019

MUMBAI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - India's parliament on Friday passed a "historic" law to guarantee a minimum wage to hundreds of millions of workers, but labour activists said it did not go far enough to protect those in the informal sector.

New taskforces to tackle 'missing wombs' scandal in rural India

02 Aug 2019

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Special taskforces have been established in India to help stop women from being duped by doctors into having unnecessary hysterectomies that cause debt bondage and enslave families, the country's health ministry said.

Freedom, money, babies: Indian women rescued from slavery count their losses

30 Jul 2019

CHENNAI/MUMBAI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Five months into her pregnancy, Soniya was still carrying heavy sacks up steps at the rice mill in south India where she was forced to work to pay off a family debt. By the time she was rescued, her baby had died.

India's parched fields yield rich crop of women cops

04 Jul 2019

BEED, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Constable Meena Ghodke may be in the bottom rank of her local police force but it is the highest anyone has climbed in her village - man or woman - and she could not be prouder.

Struggle for water intensifies as taps run dry in India

21 Jun 2019

BEED, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Residents of the drought-hit Indian village of Salegaon are so desperate for water they have started lining up their pots two days before the tanker is due to arrive.

India heatwave deaths rise to 36, poorest workers worst hit

12 Jun 2019

MUMBAI/CHENNAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A heatwave gripping India has killed 36 people with the poorest workers bearing the brunt, national disaster management officials said on Wednesday, warning that the record temperatures were impacting more states than in previous years.

L is for lesbian, G is for gay: Indian parents learn ABC of LGBT

10 Jun 2019

PUNE, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - After her son came out as gay, Sushma Samudra consulted astrologers, quizzed psychiatrists, performed prayers and implored gods and goddesses to cure his abnormality.

Record number of women set to enter India parliament

24 May 2019

MUMBAI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A record number of women are set to enter India's parliament after a marathon election that returned Prime Minister Narendra Modi to power, initial results showed on Friday.

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