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Women who freeze eggs to delay childbirth often feel regret

25 May 2018

(Reuters Health) - For the past four years, since Facebook and Apple began paying for employees to freeze their eggs to delay childbirth, healthy women are increasingly trying to slow their biological clocks by banking their oocytes, or eggs.

Hair-straightening products contain potentially toxic mix

15 May 2018

(Reuters Health) - Hair products used primarily by black women and children contain a host of hazardous chemicals, a new study shows.

German doctor warns physicians: never again partake in atrocities

13 Mar 2018

When she was a child in Germany, Dr. Franziska Eckert’s family minimized the role her grandparents played in World War II. Then her own investigation uncovered the likely truth – her grandfather was a mass murderer.

Onerous laws exclusively target abortion clinics

05 Mar 2018

(Reuters Health) - State laws governing facilities that oversee abortions are more numerous and burdensome than laws governing facilities overseeing other medical procedures, according to a new study that questions the laws’ constitutionality.

Horseback riding may relieve combat vets’ PTSD symptoms

02 Mar 2018

(Reuters Health) - Therapeutic horseback riding may ease symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in combat veterans, a new study finds.

Pioneering approach to addiction in Rhode Island jails saves lives

26 Feb 2018

(Reuters Health) - An innovative program offering all of Rhode Island’s prisoners methadone and other drugs to treat opioid-use disorders has slashed overdose deaths in the state during its first year, according to a new study.

Fear of federal law may prevent gun retailers from storing firearms

17 Feb 2018

(Reuters Health) - What if someone who lived with the young man who unleashed one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history this week had been concerned that he might harm himself or others and removed his AR-15 rifle from his home?

Auto crash deaths multiply after April 20 cannabis parties

13 Feb 2018

(Reuters Health) - U.S. traffic fatalities rise dramatically on the day pot smokers celebrate as “Weed Day.”

African-Americans disproportionately endangered by HIV/AIDS

08 Feb 2018

(Reuters Health) - African-Americans are far more likely than other Americans to be infected with HIV but far less likely to get life-saving treatments that stop the virus’ spread, a new U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report finds.

Medicare Advantage can disadvantage seniors needing skilled nursing

27 Jan 2018

(Reuters Health) - Medicare Advantage plans might prove to be a disadvantage for U.S. enrollees in need of skilled nursing care, a new study suggests.

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