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One of largest known T. rex skeletons up for auction at Christie’s

17 Sep 2020

The British auction house Christie’s plans to sell the skeleton of one of the largest known Tyrannosaurus rexes in early October, the company said on Wednesday. | Video

New York chef turns Michelin-starred eatery into charity kitchen in COVID-19 crisis

23 May 2020

NEW YORK Chef Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park, who is used to being paid for fine dining with exclusive black credit cards, says his richest reward during the COVID-19 crisis is the grateful smiles of poor New Yorkers fed by the Michelin three-starred restaurant he has turned into a charity kitchen. | Video

As U.S. virus cases exceed 100,000, doctors decry scarcity of drugs and equipment

28 Mar 2020

NEW YORK Doctors and nurses on the front lines of the U.S. coronavirus crisis pleaded on Friday for more protective gear and equipment to treat waves of patients expected to overwhelm hospitals as the sum of known U.S. infections climbed well past 100,000, with more than 1,600 dead. | Video

With Broadway's lights dimmed, actors mull pandemic's impact on their lives

18 Mar 2020

NEW YORK A week after the bright lights of Broadway theaters in New York City were dimmed for a month to limit the spread of the new coronavirus, two actors weighed in on how the closures were affecting their daily lives. | Video

For special-needs kids, New Jersey rabbi offers chance of a 'LifeTown'

07 Mar 2020

LIVINGSTON, N.J. Looking out of his office window, Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum finds it hard to get work done as he watches kids enjoying the miniature town he built for them.

Trump administration limits New Yorkers' access to travel passes

07 Feb 2020

WASHINGTON/NEW YORK The Trump administration has restricted New Yorkers' access to several programs that allow faster security checks when they enter the United States, widening a dispute over a New York state law limiting cooperation with federal immigration enforcement. | Video

From recycled leather to natural dyes, fashion tries to limit environmental damage

19 Sep 2019

NEW YORK Fashion is supposed to make you look and feel good, and the apparel industry is finally making efforts to have the same effect on the planet.

Tiny bulletproof vests centerpiece of New York art exhibit on school shootings

18 Jun 2019

NEW YORK Rows of tiny bullet-proof vests hang on clothing racks and "safety defense" lunchboxes adorn the walls. It looks like an apparel store -- almost. | Video

'Found it!' New York button shop saves the day

21 Mar 2019

NEW YORK Since the 1960s, a narrow little New York shop has specialized in solving the fashion crises of customers who are desperate to find just the right button, a list that includes a U.S. first lady, a renowned academic and even Kermit the Frog. | Video

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