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India clarifies size of gold discovery in Uttar Pradesh

23 Feb 2020

LUCKNOW, India India has clarified the nature of a gold discovery in Uttar Pradesh, after a government official said on Saturday that fields with reserves of more than 3,000 tonnes of gold ore had been found, prompting a flurry of activity on social media.

India says discovers fields with over 3,000 tonnes of gold ore

22 Feb 2020

LUCKNOW, India, Feb 22 India, the world's second-biggest gold consumer, has discovered gold fields with reserves of over 3,000 tonnes in its most populous northern state, a government official said on Saturday.

Ahead of Trump's visit, Indian city cleans the swamp

20 Feb 2020

LUCKNOW U.S. President Donald Trump vowed to "drain the swamp" of lobbyists and elites in Washington D.C. Now, one Indian city is racing to clean up a stagnant river as he prepares to visit. | Video

Republic Day celebrations marked with protests, blasts

26 Jan 2020

KOCHI/LUCKNOW Hundreds of thousands of Indians protested across the country on Sunday against a citizenship bill that many fear is discriminatory against the minority Muslim community.

Six dead in deadliest day of Indian citizenship law protests

07 Jan 2020

NEW DELHI/LUCKNOW Six people died and dozens were injured on Friday as police clashed with thousands of protesters who again took to the streets in several parts of the country to oppose a new law they say discriminates against Muslims.

India beefs up security amid outrage against new law, anger with police

29 Dec 2019

LUCKNOW, India Indian authorities stepped up security and shut down the internet in various places on Tuesday while members of the ruling party planned marches backing a new citizenship law even though nationwide protests against it are escalating. | Video

Hardline leader in Indian state defends 'strict' action to quell protests

28 Dec 2019

LUCKNOW, India The chief minister of India's Uttar Pradesh state has rebuffed accusations from rights groups of police abuses during protests against a new citizenship law, crediting his tough stand with restoring calm to the streets.

India security clampdown keeps citizenship law protests under control

27 Dec 2019

MEERUT/LUCKNOW, India India deployed thousands of police and shut down mobile internet services across many cities on Friday to control protests against a new citizenship law, with flashpoint Friday prayers passing largely peacefully.

In an Indian village, a woman's killing and alleged rape opens caste divides

27 Dec 2019

HINDU NAGAR, India When the young woman limped toward shopkeeper Ravindra Prakash, pleading for help on a dark and foggy morning in the northern Indian village, her body was so charred that he thought she was a witch. He grabbed a wooden stick and tried to shoo her away.

Uttar Pradesh government demands damages, threatens to confiscate property over protests

26 Dec 2019

LUCKNOW, India India's northern Uttar Pradesh state is demanding millions of rupees from over 200 people and threatening to confiscate their property as a penalty for damage done to public property during protests against the country's new citizenship law.

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