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Texas federal judge says insurer right to deny coverage for well to nowhere

08 Aug 2020

A federal judge in Texas ruled on Friday that an insurer was right to deny coverage to a Texan oil and gas contractor that caused another company to lose $1.7 million because it dug a well in the state's eastern portion that was too shallow to be of any use.

Oregon judge tosses cattlemens' bid to limit protected waters law

08 Aug 2020

A federal judge in Portland has dismissed a case by Oregon cattlemen who sought to limit the types of waters that are protected from pollution under federal law, finding that the plaintiff had not shown they suffered an injury.

CORRECTED - IN BRIEF: Park Service ducks Fire Island deer management plan claims, for now

07 Aug 2020

A federal court in New York's Long Island has dismissed claims by two animal welfare groups alleging that the U.S. National Park Service (NPS) illegally adopted a plan to manage deer population in a protected area by killing the animals.

IN BRIEF: Sierra Club, NRDC pile on to NEPA overhaul lawsuits

06 Aug 2020

A third coalition of environmental groups sued the Trump administration in federal court on Thursday over its overhaul of a cornerstone environmental law whose implementation is expected to fast-track infrastructure projects such as oil pipelines and road expansions.

IN BRIEF: Utah and EPA reach $360 mln settlement over Gold King Mine

06 Aug 2020

Utah on Wednesday agreed to drop claims against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over the polluting of the state's waters from the release five years ago of wastewater from a defunct southwestern Colorado gold mine, following a settlement deal.

IN BRIEF: 10th Circuit rejects oil biz group's challenge to federal royalties rule

06 Aug 2020

A federal appeals court on Wednesday vacated a lower court decision that had partly granted the American Petroleum Institute's (API) challenge of a rule penalizing oil and gas producers who underreport their output on federally leased land.

IN BRIEF: Enviros sue over $380 mln Alaskan mining road project

05 Aug 2020

A coalition of environmental groups sued in Anchorage federal court on Tuesday the U.S. Department of the Interior over a proposed 211-mile mining access road in northern Alaska that they say would damage wildlife and ecologically-valuable land by cutting through a federally protected park.

IN BRIEF: 5th Circuit doesn't 'bite' over fish farming as conservation

04 Aug 2020

A federal appeals court on Monday upheld a lower court ruling that said a federal fisheries conservation law did not empower the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to set up a program that would allow fish farming in the Gulf of Mexico.

9th Circuit halts logging project in California's Mendocino forest

04 Aug 2020

A federal appeals court reversed on Monday a lower court order that had denied an environmental group's request to stop a U.S. Forest Service logging project covering nearly 4,700 acres of land in northern California's Mendocino National Forest.

IN BRIEF: Taylor Energy tries to shake off $43 mln fed debt claim

01 Aug 2020

Oil company Taylor Energy Company LLC sought on Friday in Washington D.C. federal court to shake off a claim that it owes the federal government $43 million for work it paid to a contractor to stop an oil spill from remnants of an oil platform operated by the company in the Gulf of Mexico when it collapsed.

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