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No breakthrough yet from plodding global recovery outlook: Reuters poll

26 Jun 2020

BENGALURU The outlook for a global economic recovery over the past month has worsened or at best stayed about the same, according to a firm majority of economists in Reuters polls, with the ongoing recession expected to be deeper than predicted only last month.

Fed's gloomy economic outlook 'about right,' say economists: Reuters poll

23 Jun 2020

BENGALURU The Federal Reserve struck the right tone in its first pandemic-era economic outlook, suggesting years of extraordinary policy support for an economy facing a slow and long slog back, according to a majority of economists in a Reuters poll.

World economic prospects darken, rebound delayed: Reuters poll

27 May 2020

BENGALURU Economic prospects for the developed world this year have darkened again in the past month as the coronavirus pandemic has rolled from Asia to the Americas, with a V-shaped sharp recovery expected by less than one-fifth of economists polled by Reuters.

Near-term U.S. economic outlook darkens, slow recovery to follow: Reuters poll

15 May 2020

BENGALURU An already-dismal near-term U.S. economic outlook has darkened further in the latest Reuters poll of economists, and while a recovery is still forecast for the second half, the economy won't come close to regaining the ground it lost this year.

Global economic contraction to be steepest on record, recovery U-shaped

24 Apr 2020

BENGALURU Pummeled into recession by the coronavirus pandemic, the global economy will suffer its steepest contraction on record this year, with a longer, U-shaped recovery more likely, according to Reuters polls of economists from around the world.

Euro zone economy set for deepest recession on record: Reuters poll

22 Apr 2020

BENGALURU The euro zone economy is already in its deepest recession on record, according to a Reuters poll of economists, who have stuck to a bleak outlook and worry the downturn might be even worse as coronavirus lockdowns across the bloc take their toll. | Video

U.S. economy likely set for U-shaped recovery after deep rut: Reuters poll

21 Apr 2020

BENGALURU The U.S. economic recession underway, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, will be worse than previously thought, with more economists polled by Reuters over the past week expecting a "U-shaped" recovery rather than any other option.

Coronavirus-led global recession to be deeper than thought but hopefully short: Reuters poll

03 Apr 2020

BENGALURU The global recession that economists polled by Reuters say is under way will be deeper than thought a few weeks ago due to the coronavirus pandemic, although most are clinging to hopes for a swift rebound.

Global economy already in recession on coronavirus devastation - Reuters poll

21 Mar 2020

BENGALURU The global economy is already in a recession as the hit to economic activity from the coronavirus pandemic has become more widespread, according to economists polled by Reuters amid a raft of central bank stimulus actions this week. | Video

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