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Afghanistan confirms first coronavirus case in province bordering Iran

24 Feb 2020

KABUL/HERAT Afghanistan confirmed its first case of the coronavirus in the western province of Herat on Monday, declaring a state of emergency in a territory bordering Iran which itself reported a sharp rise in cases.

Afghan women fear mandatory poll photos could stop them from voting

25 Sep 2019

KABUL/HERAT, Afghanistan Afghan women's rights activists have demanded the authorities lift a requirement that all voters be photographed at polling stations in Saturday's presidential election, arguing that it could prevent hundreds of thousands of women from voting.

Taliban attack Afghan province as doubts on peace deal grow

07 Sep 2019

KABUL/HERAT, Afghanistan Taliban fighters launched fresh assaults in the western Afghan province of Farah on Friday, government officials said, part of a wave of violence that has cast a shadow over a peace deal struck between U.S. and Taliban negotiators this week.

Afghan elite commandos among scores of casualties in heavy fighting

12 Nov 2018

GHAZNI/HERAT, Afghanistan Dozens of elite commandos were among the casualties suffered by Afghan security forces as the Taliban claimed to have taken a district in Ghazni province, stepping up battlefield pressure while seeking a political settlement with the United States.

Displaced victims of worst Afghan drought in years fear harsh winter

09 Nov 2018

HERAT, Afghanistan Mahiuddin, a 35 year-old farmer from Badghis, a mountainous province in western Afghanistan, has been living in a camp outside the city of Herat for months, one of tens of thousands displaced by the worst drought the country has seen in years. | Video

Opportunities for Afghan money traders as Iran sanctions loom

01 Jul 2018

HERAT, Afghanistan Aziz Ahmad is one of the unlikely winners of the stand-off between the United States and Iran, turning his modest transport service into an international foreign exchange operation that is providing much-needed dollars to the stricken Iranian economy.

Taliban emerge from hiding to battle Afghan forces in city near Iran

17 May 2018

HERAT, Afghanistan Taliban fighters emerged from hiding in the dead of night to launch attacks in the Afghan city of Farah, battling government forces who thought they had cleared out the insurgents following heavy clashes earlier in the week, residents and officials said.

Taliban battle into west Afghan city in new crisis for government

16 May 2018

HERAT, Afghanistan Taliban fighters with heavy weapons and night-vision equipment fought their way close to the centre of the western city of Farah on Tuesday, as Afghan forces with U.S. air support battled to force them back, officials and residents said.

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