Tamara Corro

Mexican model with no arms challenges perceptions of beauty

25 Jan 2020

COATZACOALCOS, Mexico Born without arms, Mexican model Ana Gabriela Molina wants to challenge traditional perceptions of physical attractiveness by winning a beauty pageant in her home state of Veracruz. | Video

At least 26 killed in 'horrendous' arson attack on bar in Mexico

29 Aug 2019

COATZACOALCOS, Mexico At least 26 people were killed in an arson attack by suspected gang members on a bar in the southern Mexican port of Coatzacoalcos late on Tuesday, authorities said, in a fresh blow to the government's efforts to curb violence. | Video

Mexican families search remains of hidden graves for missing children

12 Sep 2018

XALAPA, Mexico Families gathered at a morgue in Mexico on Tuesday to comb through the remains of more than 150 bodies discovered at graves in southern Veracruz state, hunting for clues that could identify children and siblings who disappeared long ago.

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