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UPDATE 2-Tunisian parliament, cbank chief tell govt to cut spending plans

28 Oct 2020

TUNIS, Oct 28 A Tunisian parliamentary committee on Wednesday rejected a supplementary budget bill that would have entailed the biggest deficit in decades, and both the committee and the central bank governor urged the government to cut its spending plans.

Tunisia central bank chief urges government to reduce spending plans

28 Oct 2020

TUNIS Tunisia's central bank governor called on the government on Wednesday to reduce its spending plans, after the government asked the bank to buy treasury bonds to help finance an expected record fiscal deficit equivalent to 14% of national output.

UPDATE 2-Tunisia central bank warns buying treasury bonds risky to inflation and currency

28 Oct 2020

TUNIS, Oct 27 Tunisia's central bank warned on Tuesday that government plans to ask it to buy treasury bonds, a move that carries economic risks including boosting inflation, reducing its reserves and causing a drop in the value of local currency.

UPDATE 1-Tunisia government to pump $1.5 billion into state firms, agrees to raise wages

19 Oct 2020

TUNIS, Oct 18 Tunisia's government will pump $1.5 billion into state firms as part of an attempt to overhaul the struggling sector and will pay a new instalment of wage increases for public employees, the prime minister said on Sunday.

Tunisia sees 14% budget gap in 2020, aims to halve it in 2021

16 Oct 2020

TUNIS Tunisia expects the coronavirus crisis to drive its budget deficit to 14% of gross domestic product in 2020, double the original target and the highest in nearly four decades, a government official told Reuters on Friday.

Tunisia imposes night curfew to slow second wave of pandemic

08 Oct 2020

TUNIS Tunisian authorities will impose a curfew in the capital Tunis to slow a surge in coronavirus cases, months after stopping a first wave with an expensive lockdown that the government says it cannot afford to repeat.

Tunisia considers curfew to slow second wave of pandemic

07 Oct 2020

TUNIS, Oct 7 Tunisia was expected on Wednesday to announce a curfew in the capital after the governors of four provinces that make up greater Tunis called for action to halt a surge in coronavirus infections.

Tunisian police kill three suspected militants after fatal attack on officer

06 Sep 2020

TUNIS Police in Tunisia chased and shot dead three suspected Islamist militants after they attacked two police officers, killing one of them, in the coastal city of Sousse on Sunday, the authorities said.

Tunisia premier designate names a technocratic government

25 Aug 2020

TUNIS Tunisia's prime minister-designate Hichem Mechichi announced on Monday a cabinet of independent technocrats without parties, seeking to distance the government from political conflicts and focus on reviving the ailing economy.

Tunisia's incoming PM plans restructuring of economic ministries

23 Aug 2020

TUNIS Tunisia's premier-designate plans to gather the ministries of finance, investment and state property into a single department to be led by economist Ali Kooli under plans to revamp government and revive the economy, political sources said.

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