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'Not just a small-island problem': As planet warms, losses mount for all

15 Dec 2018

KATOWICE, Poland, Dec 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Climate change is turbo-charging losses from wilder weather and rising seas in rich countries as well as poor - and leaders must figure out how to handle that, experts said as U.N. climate talks in Poland neared their conclusion on Friday.

No more dodgy women drivers as UK bans sexist stereotypes in ads

14 Dec 2018

LONDON, Dec 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Britain is to ban advertising showing women who can't park or men who struggle to change a nappy in a crackdown on gender stereotypes, the industry watchdog said on Friday.

FEATURE-Ukraine cities gear up to run on local clean energy by 2050

14 Dec 2018

KATOWICE, Poland, Dec 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - F ossil fuel-dependent Ukraine will strengthen its climate change action plan under the Paris Agreement to curb global warming, its government said at U.N. climate talks in Poland this week.

India's top court demands answers from states diluting land law

14 Dec 2018

BANGKOK, Dec 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - India's Supreme Court has asked five states to explain why they amended a federal land acquisition law to do away with key provisions meant to protect the rights of farmers.

British cafe provides a lifeline for LGBT+ dementia sufferers

14 Dec 2018

LONDON, Dec 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Imagine living through the gay rights revolution that has transformed the lives of LGBT+ people in many parts of the world - and then, in old age, forgetting it.

Homeless Muppet finds her place on Sesame Street

13 Dec 2018

LONDON, Dec 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In a sign of the times, U.S. children's show 'Sesame Street' has a new resident: 7-year-old Lily, a homeless, pink puppet.

Failure to slow climate change threatens 'every country', UN talks told

13 Dec 2018

KATOWICE, Poland, Dec 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Decades of efforts to curb climate-changing emissions are failing, leaving not just small islands but "every country" at this year's U.N. climate talks facing the threat of disaster, former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed warned on Thursday.

U.N. moves LGBT+ refugees to safe houses after Kenya camp attacks

13 Dec 2018

NAIROBI, Dec 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - LGBT+ refugees in Kenya's remote Kakuma camp are being moved to safe houses in Nairobi after they were attacked when protesting for greater protection, the United Nations said on Thursday.

FEATURE-LGBT+ survivors of Argentina's dictatorship win 'historic' apology

13 Dec 2018

BOGOTA, Dec 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Growing up transgender in 1970s Argentina, Noelia Trujullo knew that just walking the streets in her long hair and a skirt could get her arrested, locked up and abused.

Hike in record-dry months for Africa's Sahel worries scientists

13 Dec 2018

KATOWICE, Poland, Dec 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Climate change is driving much drier conditions in Africa's Sahel belt, which has experienced a 50-percent hike in record dry months in recent decades, scientists said.

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