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Pakistan shuts schools to curb new coronavirus infections

26 Nov 2020

ISLAMABAD Pakistan shut its schools and postponed exams on Thursday to try to curb new coronavirus infections and a rise in the number of people in hospital with COVID-19.

Pakistan to provide 'irrefutable evidence' India sponsors militant groups

15 Nov 2020

ISLAMABAD Pakistan will present evidence to the United Nations and other international bodies that India, its neighbour and arch rival, is involved with militant organisations on its soil, Pakistan's foreign minister said on Saturday.

As disputed Pakistan region votes, locals want share of Chinese investment boom

13 Nov 2020

GAHKUCH, Pakistan As night falls on a remote mountain road in northern Pakistan, Ijaz ul Haq, 22, is keeping his grocery store open longer than usual, hoping to cash in on a frenzied electoral campaign that has brought the nation's interest upon this otherwise neglected region.

Pakistani PM says he will upgrade status of part of Kashmir, angering India

02 Nov 2020

ISLAMABAD Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday his government will give provisional provincial status to part of Kashmir, drawing condemnation from India, which has long objected to any such changes by Islamabad.

Kickboxer throws down challenge to Pakistan's TikTok ban

15 Oct 2020

ISLAMABAD A mixed martial arts specialist is challenging a Pakistani ban on TikTok, the video sharing app on which he was pinning his hopes of gaining a mass audience and helping people get fit.

Pakistan arrests second suspect after woman was gang-raped

13 Oct 2020

LAHORE, Pakistan A second suspect was remanded in custody on Tuesday after being detained by police in Pakistan following the gang rape of a woman that has led to protests across the country.

Pakistani doctor urges people to volunteer for COVID-19 vaccine trial

30 Sep 2020

ISLAMABAD The physician heading a Phase III clinical trial in Pakistan for a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine candidate has urged people to volunteer for the trial, overcoming the resistance in the country to immunisation programmes.

Pakistan launches Phase III trials for Chinese Cansinobio's COVID-19 vaccine

22 Sep 2020

ISLAMABAD Pakistan has launched Phase III clinical trials for CanSino Biologics' COVID-19 vaccine candidate, a government minister and an official at the Chinese pharmaceutical company said on Tuesday.

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