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Argentina revokes credentials of representative for Venezuela's Guaido

08 Jan 2020

BUENOS AIRES In a blow to Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, Argentina's government said on Tuesday it did not recognize him as his nation's interim president and had revoked the credentials of his representative in Buenos Aires.

Argentina creates external debt unit, economy bill moves to Senate

21 Dec 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina appointed a government team to kick off talks with creditors to renegotiate about $100 billion in sovereign debt as the new center-left administration of President Alberto Fernandez postponed payments on some of its short-term debt.

Argentina's black market peso tumbles on 'tourism tax' fears

17 Dec 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's black market peso fell almost 8% against the dollar on Monday after a senior official flagged the return of a so-called tourism tax on spending in dollars, a move to help prop up the local peso and help fill drained state coffers.

Argentine bonds up, peso stable as markets react to Guzman's debt agenda

13 Dec 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentine markets had a tempered reaction on Thursday with bond prices up, risk spreads down and the peso stable after Economy Minister Martin Guzman laid out his vision for handling the debt crisis in Latin America's No. 3 economy.

Argentine markets brace as new Peronist government readies economic plan

12 Dec 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentine markets held steady on Wednesday, waiting for policy signals from the newly inaugurated government of center-left President Alberto Fernandez and his top economic team after conservative Mauricio Macri handed over power this week.

UPDATE 3-Argentine bonds push higher on optimism as President Fernandez sworn in

11 Dec 2019

BUENOS AIRES, Dec 10 Argentine over the counter bonds rose 0.3% on Tuesday after a more than 2% rally the day before, when investors registered their approval of the president-elect's choice of a Columbia University debt restructuring expert as economy chief.

UPDATE 4-Argentine bond prices rise on relief over upcoming debt revamp

10 Dec 2019

BUENOS AIRES, Dec 9 Argentine bond prices rose on Monday in the first session since President-elect Alberto Fernandez named debt restructuring expert Martin Guzman as economy minister, the central figure in a cabinet that will start serving after Tuesday's inauguration.

Argentina sets floor under peso as reserves dwindle

01 Nov 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's central bank is setting a price floor under the volatile peso in hopes to avoid a sharp plunge in the currency after an opposition-won presidential election last Sunday shifted the country firmly back to the left.

Argentina central bank bleeds reserves ahead of election, peso crumbles anyway

26 Oct 2019

BUENOS AIRES Argentina's central bank kept selling dollars in defense of the crumbling peso on Friday, as concern increased over the bank's falling reserves ahead of Sunday's presidential election dreaded by the financial markets.

Argentine presidential front-runner courts moderate voters

14 Oct 2019

BUENOS AIRES The front-runner in Argentina's presidential election reached out to undecided voters on Sunday, promising both orthodox and unorthodox policies to cure the country's deep economic troubles.

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