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With schools shut, Indonesian bus drivers ferry COVID-19 patients instead

25 Sep 2020

JAKARTA For the past decade, Yusuf Iswahyu has ferried Indonesian children in his yellow bus to and from their schools.

Indonesian coal plant taints South Korea's green pledge

16 Jul 2020

SURALAYA, Indonesia Indonesian fisherman Ramidin says he used to catch stingray by paddling just off the shore of his village, but as a giant coal power complex nearby has expanded over the last three decades, he has had to venture further and further out to sea. | Video

As crops fail, Indonesia's Sumba seeks lifeline in weaving, fishing

03 Jun 2020

HAMBA PRAING, Indonesia On Indonesia's Sumba island, the motifs displayed on traditional textiles produced by its weavers often depict animals, including the area's famed Sandalwood breed of horses.

Wedding streamers: Indonesia couple takes big day online to keep coronavirus at bay

11 Apr 2020

TANGERANG, Indonesia For Indonesian couple Mohamad Nurjaman and Ugi Lestari Widya Bahri, their wedding meant the most important day of their lives, to be celebrated in front of hundreds of happy guests.

Jakarta coffin maker faces gruelling days as coronavirus death toll climbs

08 Apr 2020

JAKARTA As debate rages about the true death toll caused by the coronavirus outbreak in Indonesia, Jakarta coffin maker Sahroni has been too busy to pay the issue much attention.

As sea engulfs coastline, Indonesians pay high price to shield homes

01 Dec 2019

TAMBAKLOROK, Indonesia, Dec 1 Indonesian fisherman Miskan says the once-abundant catches he used to enjoy have been dwindling in recent years on this stretch of the Java Sea.

Indonesia's ragtag firefighters on frontline of Borneo's forest blazes

20 Sep 2019

PULANG PISAU, Indonesia From soon after sunrise, a group of volunteers gathers every day on Indonesia's portion of Borneo island to throw themselves into the desperate fight against the worst forest fires in years.

Cash for trash: Indonesia village banks on waste recycling

16 Aug 2019

BANGUN, Indonesia Indonesia's crackdown on imported foreign waste has upset the village of Bangun, where residents say they earn more money sorting through piles of garbage than growing rice in once-lush paddy fields.

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