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China defends Tibet labour program, urges against overdoing religion

15 Oct 2020

LHASA, China Top officials in Chinese-administered Tibet on Thursday defended a vocational training program that some critics have called coercive, and urged Tibetans not to "overdo" religion, during a briefing with foreign journalists on a rare visit to the region.

China expects to meet poverty alleviation goal, sustainability the next test

09 Oct 2020

LIANGSHAN, China President Xi Jinping beamed down benevolently from a poster in the new flat of unemployed Jigu Gatie, provided by the Chinese government as part of efforts to tackle poverty nationwide.

China domestic travel gets holiday boost, fewer travelling this year

01 Oct 2020

BEIJING China estimated that 13 million railway passenger trips were made on Thursday at the start of the Golden Week holiday, the highest for a single day since the coronavirus outbreak began in February, according to state media.

China sentences Xi critic to 18 years for graft

22 Sep 2020

BEIJING China sentenced a former property executive who once called President Xi Jinping "a clown" to 18 years in prison for graft, a court said on Tuesday, in what some critics called an especially harsh sentence amid an ongoing clampdown on dissent. | Video

Taiwan scrambles jets as 18 Chinese planes buzz during U.S. visit

18 Sep 2020

TAIPEI/BEIJING Taiwan scrambled fighter jets on Friday as 18 Chinese aircraft buzzed the island, crossing the sensitive midline of the Taiwan Strait, in response to a senior U.S. official holding talks in Taipei. | Video

India, China accuse each other of firing in the air on tense border

08 Sep 2020

NEW DELHI/BEIJING India and China have accused each other of firing in the air during a new confrontation on their border in the western Himalayas, in a further escalation of military tension between the nuclear-armed nations.

China delays renewing credentials for journalists at U.S. outlets

07 Sep 2020

BEIJING Beijing has held off renewing the expiring press credentials of journalists at U.S. media outlets, including Bloomberg, CNN and the Wall Street Journal, the news organisations reported, amid a tussle with Washington over journalist visas.

TikTok troubles narrow gap between Beijing and ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming

05 Sep 2020

BEIJING/HONG KONG ByteDance founder Zhang Yiming has long positioned himself as a global internet entrepreneur, largely eschewing Chinese government involvement, but U.S. demands to sell his crown jewel TikTok are testing the boundaries with Beijing.

Czech senate speaker will pay 'heavy price' for Taiwan visit, China says

31 Aug 2020

TAIPEI/BEIJING Czech Senate speaker Milos Vystrcil will "pay a heavy price" for making an official trip to Taiwan, the Chinese government's top diplomat said on Monday, prompting Prague to summon China's ambassador to explain comments it said "crossed the line".

'Polishing the gun': China, U.S. tensions raise Taiwan conflict fears

26 Aug 2020

TAIPEI/BEIJING Numerous Chinese and U.S. military exercises, Taiwan missiles tracking Chinese fighters and plummeting China-U.S. ties make for a heady cocktail of tension that is raising fears of conflict touched off by a crisis over Taiwan.

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