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Silence and tears: Reporting the massacre in Christchurch

"Almost every person we spoke to was in some stage of grief, trauma or shock," says Charlotte Greenfield, the first Reuters correspondent to reach Christchurch, New Zealand, on the night a gunman opened fire in two mosques and killed 50 people.

Uncovering Iran's sanctions-busting sale of fuel oil on the high seas

It was a quiet day in January, and many oil traders were still on holiday, when two sources in the industry called to alert me to something unusual - a supertanker that had gone off radar for two weeks appeared off the coast of the United Arab Emirates and was pumping out fuel oil to two smaller vessels.

Backstory: When a news photographer becomes the news in India

It all happened in a flash. Barely 10 minutes after reaching a public gathering that was held in a large tent to celebrate the Indian festival of Holi, I was performing CPR on a boy who had suddenly collapsed in a makeshift pool of colored water.

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