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Movie Review: Kedarnath

In Abhishek Kapoor’s “Kedarnath”, the forces of nature collide with the force of young love, and you get a tale that seeks to marry themes of faith, religion, intolerance and the destruction of the environment.

It’s the script, stupid: Junglee Pictures looks beyond stars to churn out hits

Reuters - As Bollywood makes its year-end report card, one film that will emerge as the standout hit of 2018 is “Badhaai Ho” (Congratulations). The comedy-drama has made 1. 35 billion rupees ($19 million) at the box office even as big-ticket releases like “Thugs of Hindostan” and “Namaste England” fell by the wayside.

Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas to marry in traditional Hindu ceremony

"Quantico" actor Priyanka Chopra and U.S. singer Nick Jonas will be married in a traditional Hindu ceremony today, the culmination of a three-day long wedding celebration that featured cricket matches and Bollywood songs, all taking place in a heritage Indian palace atop a hill.

Movie Review: 2.0

Director Shankar should be applauded for the idea behind "2.0". The idea of the most ubiquitous thing in our lives - the cellphone - turning on humanity and causing destruction makes for great entertainment and is instantly relatable to an audience that presumably cannot resist glancing at their mobile devices during the film's screening.

Movie Review: Pihu

For anyone who’s grown up watching the “Home Alone” series, a movie about a child being left alone at home would bring back memories of funny moments, emotional scenes and a happy ending.

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