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Movie Review: My Birthday Song

Samir Soni’s “My Birthday Song” is supposed to be many things - including a psychological thriller and a mid-life crisis drama - but it is mostly a repository of bad acting, the kind that makes you cringe every time someone on screen even tries to attempt an emotional scene.

Movie Review: Mukkabaaz

In Anurag Kashyap's "Mukkabaaz" (Boxer), the sport is out of focus - a sort of diffused background that serves to highlight the social and political ills the director wants to emphasize in this 155-minute film.

Q&A: Anurag Kashyap on 'Mukkabaaz'

In his latest film, director Anurag Kashyap focuses on sports and politics in small-town India, with the story of a young boxer's struggle to make it big.

Yearender: Bollywood stars came crashing down to earth in 2017

Bollywood ends another lacklustre year with fewer box office hits and no solution in sight to address falling theatre footfalls. The industry’s woes were compounded by falling data costs in a booming mobile phone market, the increasing popularity of streaming services and the crumbling of the star system used for decades to ensure a film’s success.