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TAKE A LOOK-India's biggest bank fraud at state-run lender PNB

A $1.77 billion fraud at India's second-biggest state-run lender Punjab National Bank has stunned the country's financial sector. The alleged fraud, by far the biggest ever detected by a local bank, is centred around companies linked to a billionaire jeweller Nirav Modi.

East India Cotton association Prices - February 16, 2018

BANGALORE, February 16 Reuters) - The following are the daily Cotton prices supplied by Indian based East India Cotton Association. The prices are in Indian Rupees per Candy (355.62 Kgs). ICS-101 41300 ICS-201 41800 ICS-102 29600 ICS-103 33200 ICS-104 36300 ICS-202 38900 ICS-105 34700 ICS-105 36300 ICS-105 39500 ICS-105 35200 ICS-105 37000 ICS-105 40100 ICS-105 38100 ICS-105 39200 ICS-105 39000 ICS-105 39900 ICS-105 40400 ICS-105 42