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Breakingviews - Review: What can be more premium than luxury?

“What if real luxury was to have space?” So ran an old marketing campaign by French carmaker Renault. That concept may have resonated with young and low-income earners cramped in small apartments during this year’s wave of pandemic lockdowns. For the next generation of upmarket consumers, luxury could take on a whole new meaning beyond Gucci bags and Cartier watches, too.

Breakingviews - Bank dividend bans have passed their sell-by date

Andrea Enria and Sam Woods were right to stop banks paying dividends in March. When the pandemic struck, the chief supervisors at the European Central Bank and Bank of England, respectively, kept capital on lenders’ balance sheets instead. That policy is now out of date.

Breakingviews - Trump vs. Biden is sideshow for Xi

American elections are closely watched in China, but this time the outcome of the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 3 may matter less to Beijing. U.S. President Donald Trump’s tough act on China has wrought little real damage. And while neither he nor his challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, is likely to thaw relations, the fumbling of the pandemic has left the U.S. more at risk.

Breakingviews - Facebook nears moment when world is not enough

It turns out Facebook really might be too big to push around. This summer’s ad boycott made no dent on the social network’s third-quarter revenue, which grew 22% year-on-year. And monthly active users for its family of apps hit 3.2 billion. With world domination within reach, what’s next? Perhaps getting more money from Facebook’s existing fans.

Breakingviews - Europe virus defences can manage one more lockdown

Europe’s second-lockdown defences are sound – up to a point. France, Germany and others are imposing tougher rules to limit the spread of Covid-19. The economic shock should be milder than the 11% second-quarter contraction wrought by the first wave, and government spending and the European Central Bank can cushion the blow. Yet the region looks ill-prepared for a protracted crisis.  

Breakingviews - The Biden portfolio is mainly the Trump portfolio

U.S. President Donald Trump said in Thursday’s presidential debate that the stock market would crash if his challenger Joe Biden is elected next week. History suggests otherwise. The commander in chief of the United States might matter for a few smallish sectors, but more powerful factors, like global upheaval, have far greater effect. So a portfolio overhaul is in order regardless of who wins. 

Breakingviews - Viewsroom: What we’re expecting on election night

If Joe Biden wins Donald Trump’s place as POTUS on Nov. 3, and the Senate turns Democrat, lots of things will change – chief among them tax and economic policy. But big tech companies and China’s Communist Party will gain no reprieve. Rob Cox, Gina Chon and John Foley discuss.

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