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India introduces new trans rights bill in parliament after backlash

NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - India's government on Friday presented a revised version of its transgender rights bill to parliament after criticism from the country's vibrant transgender community, who said sections of an earlier version would violate their rights.

Bullied by peers, India's LGBT+ children drop out of schools

CHENNAI, India (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The school bullies started by teasing six-year-old Shemba for walking in a feminine way, and graduated to stone-throwing when the transgender girl - initially raised as a boy - started wearing girls' uniform, aged 10.

As glacial lake bursts, preparation saves live in Pakistan

KARACHI, Pakistan (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Efforts to prepare Pakistani mountain communities threatened by the collapse of glacial lakes, as climate change brings faster glacier melt, paid off this week as a flood ravaged five villages in Chitral district but appeared to cost no lives, Pakistan and international officials said.

Court battles underline complexity of India's myriad land laws

BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Recent court rulings have underlined the complexity of India's numerous land laws, which have sparked conflicts and made it harder for poor farmers and indigenous people to access justice, analysts and lawyers said.

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