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Iran nuclear deal cannot be renegotiated - Rouhani

Iran's president said on Thursday its nuclear accord with world powers cannot be renegotiated, after the Trump administration warned it was weighing whether the deal signed by its predecessor served U.S. security interests.

Houston suit asks: Is new Taser dangerously weak? Taser says no

When Karen Taylor graduated from the Houston police academy, she got a badge, a gun and a Taser. A few years later, she got a new Taser, one the manufacturer marketed as “cost effective, simple to use, and similar in size” to the stun gun she got as a rookie.

Behind the quiet exit of Taser’s popular, powerful X26

The X26 was Taser International’s third model and its No. 1 moneymaker for a decade. Its capacity to stop suspects is second to none. But its takedown power came at a price, a Reuters examination of scientific literature and corporate, court and patent documents found.