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Director Danny Boyle exits latest James Bond movie, producers say

LOS ANGELES British director Danny Boyle has exited the latest upcoming James Bond movie due to "creative differences," the producers of the multi-million film franchise said on Tuesday.

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Russian artist honours photography's roots with wooden cameras

KALININGRAD, Russia A Russian artist is going back to the roots of photography, creating eye-catching wooden cameras based on the basic principles of the artform and attracting buyers from around the world.

10:43pm IST

Factbox: Key winners at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards

NEW YORK The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards were held in New York on Monday.

10:14am IST

Floating sauna sails from Helsinki to Tallinn

HELSINKI Wearing only a bathrobe, Finnish inventor Janne Kapylehto sailed his self-made floating sauna across the Gulf of Finland on Monday, travelling from Helsinki to Tallinn in 16 hours.

5:54pm IST

Eagles hits album tops 'Thriller' on all-time sales list

LOS ANGELES The Eagles' greatest hits compilation featuring rock classics such as "Take It Easy" and "Witchy Woman" has dethroned Michael Jackson's "Thriller" as the top-selling album of all time, according to industry data released on Monday.

1:12am IST

Singapore's architectural history under threat from redevelopment frenzy

SINGAPORE A rush to tear down and redevelop buildings in Singapore has prompted calls to conserve ageing properties that symbolise the country's recent history and economic rise.

11:18am IST

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