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Venezuela's taps run dry
Thu, Aug 16 2018

Hospitals scrap surgeries and residents forgo showers amid water cuts in Venezuela, the latest addition to a long list of woes in the fifth year of an economic crisis.

Fireworks over Malta
Thu, Aug 16 2018

Fireworks light up the sky over Mosta during week-long celebrations marking the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady in Malta.

Debating Cuba's proposed new constitution
Thu, Aug 16 2018

Cuba has begun a public debate on issues ranging from one-party rule and socialism to inequality, gay rights, private property and restructuring of the country's government as it moves to replace a Cold War-era constitution.

Editor's Choice Pictures
Wed, Aug 15 2018

Our top photos from the last 24 hours.

Rise of the machines
Wed, Aug 15 2018

A look at the new generation of robot technology.

Migrant rescue ship arrives in Malta, ending standoff
Wed, Aug 15 2018

The Mediterranean rescue ship Aquarius arrived at Valletta harbour in Malta on Wednesday to allow 141 migrants to get off, ending a five-day tug-of-war among European Union countries which had seen the vessel banned from docking in several ports.

Deadly bridge collapse in Italy
Wed, Aug 15 2018

A 50-meter-high section of a motorway bridge crashed down onto warehouses, train tracks and a riverbed in Genoa, killing at least 39 people.

India celebrates Independence Day 2018
Wed, Aug 15 2018

India celebrates its 72nd year of independence on August 15, 2018.

The plight of Italy's African laborers
Wed, Aug 15 2018

Two recent fatal crashes, resulting in the deaths of 16 migrant workers, have brought into focus the dire working and living conditions imposed on thousands of migrant farmhands whose cut-price labor allows Italy to be one of the biggest fruit and vegetable exporters in Europe.

Off-the-grid nightmare at New Mexico compound
Wed, Aug 15 2018

Five adults face child abuse charges after authorities raided their ramshackle homestead in New Mexico and found the body of a young boy and 11 more children described by authorities as starving and ragged.

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