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U.S. warns public about attacks on energy, industrial firms

The U.S government issued a rare public warning about hacking campaigns targeting energy and industrial firms, the latest evidence that cyber attacks present an increasing threat to the power industry and other public infrastructure.

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SoftBank's big checks are stalling tech IPOs

LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. Big cash infusions for startups from an ever-expanding group of financiers, led by SoftBank Group Corp and Middle East sovereign wealth funds, have extinguished hopes that the technology IPO market would bounce back this year.

Budget 2017, Business 20 Oct 2017

In Kuroda's face - researchers find ways to predict central bank changes

TOKYO For decades, economists have tried to guess central bank policy direction by studying subtle changes in official language -- now, researchers are finding new clues on policy, not in the words of central banker but in their faces.

Budget 2017, Business 20 Oct 2017

Uber opens up Paris travel database to help city planners

BRUSSELS Uber said on Friday it would open up its trove of travel data in Paris to the public to help city officials and urban planners better understand transportation needs, as the company seeks to woo national authorities.

20 Oct 2017

EU leaders want proposals on taxing online giants early next year

BRUSSELS European Union leaders said on Thursday they looked forward to seeing proposals on taxing online giants by early 2018 but in a nod to concerns from countries like Ireland said EU efforts had to be in line with work under way at a global level.

Budget 2017, Business, 20 Oct 2017

After massive quakes, millions in Mexico turn to early warning app

MEXICO CITY Since two massive earthquakes hit Mexico in September, claiming more than 460 lives, an early warning start-up called SkyAlert has doubled its users to 5.8 million, making it one of the country's most downloaded apps. | Video

Top News, 21 Oct 2017

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