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Climate activists hold event to mark vanishing Swiss glacier


Mels, Switzerland Hundreds of climate activists paid their respects to a Swiss glacier on Sunday that is due to disappear over the next decade, the victim of a warming environment. | Video

Global aviation leaders gather amid climate protests, MAX safety talks

MONTREAL Global aviation leaders will be under pressure to deepen efforts to tackle airline emissions as they gather this week under the shadow of protests led by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

Markets face major risks over lax climate forecasts, top investors warn

LONDON Financial markets risk major disruptions by relying on business-as-usual forecasts that underestimate the impact of climate-change policies that are expected to abruptly tighten next decade, a leading group of investors has warned.

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China's Hebei province orders industries to step up smog controls

SHANGHAI/BEIJING Major steelmaking districts in China's Hebei province plan to slash output in the last week of September to improve air quality ahead of National Day celebrations next week, documents reviewed by Reuters show.

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Banks worth $47 trillion adopt new U.N.-backed climate principles

UNITED NATIONS Banks with more than $47 trillion in assets, or a third of the global industry, adopted new U.N.-backed "responsible banking" principles to fight climate change on Sunday that would shift their loan books away from fossil fuels.

Environment 22 Sep 2019

Make climate fight 'sexy,' says Japan's new environment minister

NEW YORK Japan's new environment minister, Shinjiro Koizumi, pledged on Sunday to mobilize young people to push his coal-dependent country toward a low-carbon future by making the fight against climate change "sexy" and "fun."

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Jerry to weaken in next few days south of Bermuda: NHC

Tropical storm Jerry is expected to hold steady over the Western Atlantic and gradually weaken over the next few days, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said on Monday.

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Britain to create 1 billion pound fund for clean energy technology

LONDON Britain will create a 1 billion pound ($1.25 billion) fund for scientists around the world to create and test new technology to help developing countries reduce carbon emissions, Prime Minister Boris Johnson will say on Monday.

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Germany's Greens promise to strengthen climate plan after protests

BERLIN Germany's Greens said on Sunday they planned to use their strength in the upper house of parliament to sharpen a government climate protection package that disappointed many activists.

Environment 22 Sep 2019

Deutsche Bahn sees big windfall from climate change package

BERLIN Germany's Deutsche Bahn [DBN.UL] expects the government's 50 billion euro climate change package to generate the railway company's biggest growth spurt in its 180-year history, the state-owned firm's boss said on Sunday.

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