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After fires, Southern California faces risk of mudslides


CARPINTERIA, Calif./LOS ANGELES Firefighters in Southern California are slowly gaining control of one of the largest wildfires in state history, but residents may not enjoy much relief as experts said the flames are laying the groundwork for the next disaster - mudslides.

L'Oreal turns to plant-based hair dye as natural cosmetics thrive

PARIS L'Oreal is launching its first wholly plant-based hair dye as cosmetics companies look to win over customers who are becoming increasingly wary of chemical ingredients.

Environment, Health 13 Dec 2017

Electronic waste at new high, squandering gold, other metals: study

OSLO Electronic waste rose to a record 45 million tonnes worldwide in 2016, squandering valuable metals such as gold and copper since few trashed televisions, cellphones or other products get recycled, a U.N.-backed study showed on Wednesday.

Environment 13 Dec 2017

Big firms call on EU to set 35 percent renewable power supplies target

BRUSSELS A group of big technology, industry and power companies have called on the European Union to set a target for renewables of at least 35 percent when EU energy ministers meet next week.

Environment 13 Dec 2017

Austria gas blast exposes Italy weak link

MILAN A deadly gas explosion in Austria has exposed a weak link in European energy security -- in neighboring Italy.

Environment 13 Dec 2017

As China gas crisis deepens, factories, homes lose supply

SHANGHAI/BEIJING The southern Chinese province of Hunan has warned of natural gas shortages, an official said on Wednesday, as producers rush to divert fuel to heat northern homes with temperatures plummeting and factories across the country losing supplies of the fuel.

Environment 13 Dec 2017

World is losing the battle against climate change, Macron says

PARIS French President Emmanuel Macron delivered a bleak assessment on the global fight against climate change to dozens of world leaders and company executives on Tuesday, telling them: "We are losing the battle". | Video

Environment 13 Dec 2017

Zimbabwe seizes 200 kg of ivory destined for Malaysia

HARARE An illegal shipment of 200 kg (440 lb) of ivory destined for Malaysia has been seized at Zimbabwe's main airport, an official said on Wednesday.

Environment 13 Dec 2017

Minnesota joins U.S. states limiting controversial farm chemical

CHICAGO Minnesota became the latest U.S. state on Tuesday to restrict controversial weed killers made by Monsanto Co and BASF SE that were linked to widespread crop damage, while Arkansas took a step back from imposing new limits.

Environment 13 Dec 2017