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Lava creeps onto geothermal plant site on Hawaii's Big Island


PAHOA, Hawaii Molten lava from the erupting Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii's Big Island crept onto a geothermal power plant site on Monday, as workers rushed to shut down the facility to prevent the uncontrollable release of toxic gases. | Video

A Noah's Ark of animals rescued from Hawaii lava

PAHOA, Hawaii When hundreds of residents of Hawaii's Big Island fled their homes after the Kilauea volcano erupted, some left behind not only most of their belongings, but also their beloved pets.

20 May 2018

Two weeks on, Hawaii residents look for "normalcy" amid ash, lava

PAHOA, Hawaii Two weeks after fountains of lava and poisonous gas from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano forced hundreds of people to flee their homes in the middle of the night, things were only getting worse for residents on Friday after another eruption.

19 May 2018

Wider Image: Burning lava, hot ash - Kilauea's human toll

The spectacle of Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano challenges photographers of the rare display to avoid being hypnotized by it and instead look at the whole picture, including the human toll from the burning lava, hot ash and poisonous gases.

18 May 2018

Hawaii community clings to life in shadow of fiery volcano

PAHOA, Hawaii When magma first began spouting like a demonic lawn sprinkler from a fissure near Mark Clawson's Hawaii home, it was exciting. But the novelty of the Kilauea volcano's eruption is wearing off for Clawson and other Big Island residents living in its shadow.

18 May 2018

Ash cloud from Hawaii volcano sparks red alert for aviation

PAHOA, Hawaii Explosions intensified on Hawaii's Kilauea volcano on Tuesday, spewing ash and triggering a red alert for aircraft for the first time since the latest eruption began 12 days ago. | Video

Lava threatens Hawaii exit routes, could spur more evacuations

PAHOA, Hawaii Lava flowing from giant rips in the earth on the flank of Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano threatened highways on Monday, raising the possibility officials may order thousands more people to evacuate before escape routes are cut off. | Video

15 May 2018

Huge fissures open on Hawaiian volcano, some defy evacuation order

PAHOA, Hawaii Two new fissures opened on Hawaii's Kilauea volcano, hurling bursts of rock and magma with an ear-piercing screech on Sunday, threatening nearby homes and prompting authorities to order new evacuations. | Video

14 May 2018

Monsoon threat looms for Rohingya camps

Aid agencies face a "narrowing window" to prepare Rohingya refugee camps in southern Bangladesh for life-threatening floods in the approaching monsoon season, the aid coordinating group said this week.

World, South Asia, Top News 11 May 2018

Kenyan rose-farm dam bursts, 'sea of water' kills 47

SOLAI, Kenya A dam on a commercial flower farm in Kenya's Rift Valley burst after weeks of torrential rain, unleashing a "sea of water" that careered down a hillside and smashed into two villages, killing at least 47 people. | Video

World, Top News 11 May 2018

China economic reforms may result in $14.4 trillion GDP, growth at 6 percent – Asia Society report

Sweeping economic reform initiated by China President Xi Jinping in November 2013 marked a turning point for the world's second biggest economy. If implemented fully, China's potential GDP growth can be sustained at 6 percent through 2020. One risk: Falling short of that growth rate could result in growth at half that projection, or worse, leading to a new economic crisis, according to a new study.