Special Reports


Return to Ward 17 - Making peace with lost comrades


MELBOURNE, Australia As the start of the memorial service neared, I hurriedly texted an Indonesian friend. "Is it OK for me to stand on a Muslim prayer mat?" I asked.

The great Russian oil game in Iraqi Kurdistan

LONDON Last October, at the height of a political crisis in Iraq's Kurdistan region, a letter arrived at the Iraqi oil ministry in Baghdad from Igor Sechin, head of Kremlin oil major Rosneft.

19 Apr 2018

Special Report - The silencing of Malta's anti-corruption campaigner

VALLETTA He ran towards the burning car barefoot across the field, oblivious to the mud and stones. The explosion had blown the grey Peugeot 108 clear off the road. Now the twisted remains sat ablaze about five metres into the field, a metal pyre of flame and smoke. | Video

17 Apr 2018

Arming the world - Inside Trump's 'Buy American' drive to expand weapons exports

WASHINGTON In a telephone call with the emir of Kuwait in January, U.S. President Donald Trump pressed the Gulf monarch to move forward on a $10 billion fighter jet deal that had been stalled for more than a year.

18 Apr 2018

Under military rule, Venezuela oil workers quit in a stampede

CARACAS Chauffeured around in a sleek black pick-up, the head of Venezuela's oil industry, Major General Manuel Quevedo, last month toured a joint venture with U.S. major Chevron.

17 Apr 2018

Syria attack triggered Western action, but on the ground Assad gained

AMMAN After Syrian forces bombed the town of Douma earlier this month in an attack the United States says involved chlorine gas, Washington and its allies launched missile strikes as punishment.

16 Apr 2018

'Boiled frog syndrome' - Germany's China problem

SCHROBENHAUSEN, Germany Bauer, a big producer of construction equipment, is better placed than many German companies that invested heavily in China over the past few decades. | Video

16 Apr 2018

Insect farms gear up to feed soaring global protein demand

LANGLEY, British Columbia Layers of squirming black soldier fly larvae fill large aluminium bins stacked 10-high in a warehouse outside of Vancouver. They are feeding on stale bread, rotting mangoes, overripe cantaloupe and squishy zucchini. | Video

14 Apr 2018

Trade war backfire - Steel tariff shrapnel hits U.S. farmers

KANE COUNTY, Ill. Lucas Strom, who runs a century-old family farm in rural Illinois, cancelled an order to buy a new $71,000 (£49,889) grain storage bin last month - after the seller raised the price 5 percent in a day.

13 Apr 2018

Special Report - The Cold Frontier, Part One: A journey along North Korea's edge

North Korea is a closed country, which makes it easy to forget that North Koreans and Chinese have long crossed each other's borders. In the 1960s, people ran from China to North Korea. Then in the 1990s, they travelled in the opposite direction. | Video

12 Apr 2018

Supreme Court rejects calls for probe into Judge Loya's death

NEW DELHI The Supreme Court dismissed on Thursday petitions calling for an investigation into the death of a lower court judge in 2014 when he was presiding over a case against Prime Minister Narendra Modi's top political aide Amit Shah.