Global Investment Outlook 2020


Investors wary as social unrest spreads from Hong Kong to Santiago

NEW YORK Social unrest worldwide is alarming some global investors, who say protests from Hong Kong and Lebanon to Chile are forcing them to be more cautious even though the impact on financial markets has been spotty so far.


Fund managers wax optimistic as recession fears wane

NEW YORK The outlook for the U.S. economy has brightened in recent weeks thanks to signs of progress on U.S.-China trade deal, giving big asset managers at this week's Reuters Global Investment Outlook 2020 Summit a fresh sense of confidence that recession will not come knocking for a year or longer.


Telecom 'staples,' healthcare stocks set to shine, says Ariel's Bhansali

NEW YORK Forget FANG: Better opportunities in stocks lie among undervalued telecom and healthcare shares, according to the manager of Ariel Investments' global equity strategies.


Brexit in January 2020 won't lift fog over UK markets, investors say

LONDON - Never mind Britain's general election and January 2020 Brexit deadline -- there is a fog over UK assets that won't lift any time soon, some of the world's biggest money managers said.


Investors looking beyond U.S. equity market for 2020

NEW YORK Chinese internet stocks, housing-related debt, and leasing older planes while the Boeing 737 MAX remains grounded are among the top bets for the coming year by speakers at the Reuters Global Investment Outlook 2020 Summit in New York this week.


Global investors flock to China, undeterred by trade war

SHANGHAI/HONG KONG Trade wars and softer growth are unlikely to dissuade global investors from diving into the world's second-largest economy as they seek better returns, participants in the Reuters Global Investment Outlook 2020 Summit said this week.

Is the end of negative bond yield phenomenon nigh?

LONDON The pool of negative-yielding euro zone bonds is draining at last as extreme economic pessimism gripping markets abates, but sub-zero borrowing costs are expected to remain a persistent feature of the year ahead.


Negative U.S. interest rates? Not likely, say investors

NEW YORK Don't expect negative interest rates to be the next U.S. import from Europe or Japan, as those two economies are providing a real-time cautionary tale of the pitfalls of central bank stimulus efforts gone awry.


Fidelity International sees more upside in Tokyo shares: Japan equity head

TOKYO Fidelity International sees further gains in Japanese stocks next year and has started to invest in some value shares selectively, such as some automakers, the asset manager's Tokyo-based investment chief Takashi Maruyama told Reuters.


Wall Street investors slam Warren's policies

NEW YORK Some Wall Street investors and Democratic donors sharply criticized progressive firebrand Elizabeth Warren's policies on issues from taxation to affordable healthcare because they are impractical.


Economically optimistic, BlackRock's Rieder takes on more risk

NEW YORK BlackRock Inc's top bond investor has boosted risk exposure in recent weeks, on a view that the market is too bearish about chances of a U.S. recession, the Federal Reserve's ability to support the economy and the resiliency of the U.S. consumer.