Russia Investment 2011


Roubles to the rescue? Forget it, euro zone!

MOSCOW Sickly European economies and their capital-starved banks can forget the prospect of quickly receiving significant special help from reserves-rich Russia.


Rouble overvalued, deputy economy minister says

MOSCOW The Russian rouble is significantly overvalued, pushing Russia toward a current account deficit in the medium term, Deputy Economy Minister Andrei Klepach said.

Tightfisted Russia faces sluggish growth: economy minister

MOSCOW Russia faces a decade of sluggish growth if it does not increase spending and run a bigger deficit, deputy economy minister Andrei Klepach told Reuters, calling for a review of the budget after the 2012 presidential election.

Moscow city seeks ways to prevent unrest

Moscow city authorities want to find better ways to communicate with the Russian capital's 11.5 million residents so that no one resorts to using "a stone or a knife" for lack of ways to get their views heard, the deputy mayor said.

Sberbank rules out major European acquisitions

MOSCOW State-controlled Sberbank , Russia's largest lender, rules out a major acquisition of a distressed European bank but is looking at the Romanian market to expand its presence in eastern Europe, CFO Anton Karamzin told Reuters.


Russia's $10 billion fund staffed up, ready for deals

MOSCOW The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), a $10 billion Kremlin initiative, is fully staffed up and ready to do deals just three months after it was created, CEO Kirill Dmitriev told Reuters.


Putin to return as president in 2012: poll

MOSCOW Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will likely return as president next year and appoint a reformist prime minister, Russia-based economists, bankers and businessmen said.


Russia's 2011 WTO entry hinges on EU: Kremlin

MOSCOW Russia's chances of joining the World Trade Organization in 2011 hinge on the European Union while the membership will hurt the country's energy-based economy in the short-term, senior Russian officials told Reuters on Wednesday.


Stop stealing - The reform Russia needs most

MOSCOW Russia must wipe out corruption if it is to reform its economy after next year's presidential election and faces years of budget deficits if it fails to do so, bankers and businessmen said on Wednesday.


A Mayfair flat is an emerging market asset

MOSCOW With more investment bankers losing their jobs every day, high-end London property is not the most obvious investment, but if you are backing commodities and emerging market growth, a flat in a swanky part of the city might not be such a bad bet.


Norilsk sees Trafigura as project, not equity partner

MOSCOW Trading house Trafigura has little future as a shareholder in Russian group Norilsk but may become a partner in international projects, the world's largest nickel and palladium producer said.


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