Death of Delhi rape victim stirs anger, promises of action

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jasminrathod wrote:

Sad and Shameful day for India….

Anything less than capital punishment would be unacceptable in this rape case. It’s about time for a ‘constitutional’ change…where IF 90%+ of the ‘elected officials’ in both houses vote for capital punishment, then that decision should be considered as the ‘decision of the people of India’ and should over rule the maximum punishment that’s the ‘written law of the land’ AND should be carried out within 100 days of the crime being committed.

When accused is/are caught and identified for the crime beyond any reasonable doubt then such voting of elected representatives should be automatically triggered if Prime Minister, President, Home Minister, Speaker of the House, Leader of the ‘biggest’ opposition/coalition party and Chief Justice of India receive 10 million ‘online’ requests from citizens of India (via a special web site created for such a purpose).

May this girl be forever in the loving arms of God and I pray nobody in the future have to go through such experience. May her soul rest in peace.

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Sandeep27427 wrote:

well said jasminrathod… I would like to state that where are the human rights bodies hiding who generally comes into forefront whenever some justice is being given to the criminals/terrorists. Moreover it is same for us also that we have our politicians (like Nitin Gadkare) who after this tragic death now comments that there must be some reforms in rules. Were they till date sleeping when protesters were protesting.

Whenever such incidents occur, India aims at making it a media issue so that people of India keep their news channel on for few days and then as time passes India moves continuing individual life as if nothing happened.


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If there is any soul in Indian leadership they should all resign their political posts. Mrs Sonia Gandhi (for silence ove the issue), Prime Minister Manmohan Sigh (late comment as usual), Home Minister (now he is able to act tough, where was is when the crime was committed), Delhi Police Commissioner (thanks to him Delhi has earned an hounour of Rape Capital of the World), Director/Boss of Delhi Bus operator (not installing safety in buses) and the gang all have “blood on their hand” as their silence soon after the incident allowed some people to engage in baseless argument of “modern women’s behavior”. [this is how such crimes are perpetuated]. Women have given equal sacrifice in India’s independence and in last three-four decades women have made a significant contribution to improving Indian economic prosperity and health of the nation. All women in India have equal right to progress and be what they want to be, no man has right to tell them what they should and should not be. Let us come out of the “barbaric age”(some states in India are still just that) and move ahead with gender equality in to the New World.

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shasoc wrote:

I feel sad and depressed in an almost personal way. She wanted to be independent and successful. Her family supported her in whatever way they could. Her father sold his property to finance her education hoping that she would lead a better life than theirs.
But the Indian political system does everything it can to stop common people like these from living a happy life and fulfilling their potential. The Indian political establishment is owned and run by criminals not very different than those rapists.
This has to stop. We the people have to stop it. Get involved in politics ourselves. Get our hands dirty and bloody if necessary. Spread the message of intolerance. Blog, tweet, post. We will not tolerate this oppression.

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amarkale wrote:

…………..Finally the girl left this world, without being given justice by those empowered to give her justice – The Govt and The Law Enforcers of this meaningless country. Now the world may say “Rest in Peace” but…does a single person on Earth thinks she will ever rest in peace. NO NEVER. She has left the world with a heavy heart…a burden on her mind, on her soul…that justice was not given to her by the law of this land. The least India could have done for the innocent girl was…to drag those bastards to India Gate…and hang them one after the other…right in front of her eyes…This way we would have assured that some justice would have been done to her…she would have departed from the world with some peace, some solace in her mind…that her tormentors were given an equally ghastly, brutal and ruthless death. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN, WHILE SHE WAS ALIVE. We had an opportunity to do justice to her…but we missed it. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED. Now do whatever you want to…justice will NEVER be met out to the innocent girl…and mankind will never ever forgive us, to infinity…!!!

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corrupt_india wrote:

Its a real shame for a country which boasts of its rich culture and moral values. A girl dies after being brutally gangraped in a moving bus in a city which is considered to be most power centric city of India. Government should be ashamed of their irresponsibility. Why government is talking about the strict actions now? Why did not they take proactve actions. This is not the first incidence that happened in Delhi….Dhaula Kuan Gang Rape, Swiss diplomat Rape….Rape of Sahara mall Employee….So many examples are there but I think govt. would not do untill people are out on streets. Does government realise why people are out on streets because government and administration is not doing what is expected. They do not know how many lives are affected by their irresponsibility. Everyone is just sucking the country and have no concern for anyone.

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anadishkpal wrote:

Our family’s humble homage to the girl.

May we have a right to build a memorial for her? May we know the real name of that fighter of a girl, with the permission of her family, of course?

Now, as she is beyond any stigma, it would be an honour to have her under the empty canopy at India Gate. It is her martyring that has raised the burning question of the female gender being so brutally bloodied in our nation.

My shame is of no value, if we men collectively raise our conscience more than our penises at the sight of a passing woman!


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anujsr wrote:

Let people show their grief by way of peaceful protests our
Indian Government and politicians never bother about it. India need one more revolution for all these concern inclusive of corruption, Poverty, Injustice to Women, Social Injustice Etc. Wait for One more Gandhi to come through the almighty…….untill then……

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shehzad_shah wrote:

If Government can send the victim to Singapore for better treatment,
I strongly suggest they should send the accused to Saudi Arabia for better justice !!

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CommunalAward wrote:

Get real.
You (not politicians) are devoid from reality.
If you demand capital punishment for r@pists, 90% FORWARD CASTE men in rural India will be hanged .
Everyday they r@pe/molest lower caste women in villages and they’re not reported to police.
Google ”Violation is the norm here”.

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darshu wrote:

great India….
shame on the so called ministers of India.
is the government sleeping?
hell with the ruling parties…
its only when their own family members are affected they will realise the pain…
what is the bloody government waiting for to punish the culprits?
there is no difference between the ministers and the rapists.
still the war is not settled, and there are news of similar incidents rising… wat should we as citizens of this so called incredible india do??? should we follow Mr.MAHATMA GANDHI ‘S 3 MONKEYS PRINCIPLE?
or continue our struggle ,which wont be answered and no action will come up.
shame to say we are citizens of this bloody corrupt nation…

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Padmashri wrote:

I deeply regret this incident….its shameful to be part of a society which has such a sick mentality and treats women as mere sex objects….we call ourselves a country of values and traditions but its all a lie because if that were true rape cases like this incident wouldn’t happen in the first place…i strongly feel that we need to impress on the minds of all individuals in this country that such incidents will not be tolerated in the future ….i feel the rapists should be hanged and their hanging should be shown live so that in future no one would dare to disrespect women in this fashion….even hanging is a small punishment for what they have done to that innocent girl….

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PankajSaksena wrote:

Though many sex crimes in India go un-reported and the authorities are indeed very slack, there are lesser sex crimes in India than in the West. The traditional values stop people from committing such crimes and also the widespread social connections rarely give anyone a chance to keep things secret. So state police is of course very slack but social watch sure does its best to keep things as good as possible.

But in big cities state police and judiciary should also step up and punish these women as harshly as possible.

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