Russian raids repeatedly hit Syrian Turkmen areas, Moscow's data shows


MOSCOW/ISTANBUL Russian air strikes in northwest Syria have heavily targeted ethnic Turkmen areas, according to a Reuters data analysis that helps explain rising tensions between Moscow and Ankara in the weeks before Turkey shot down a Russian warplane.

France's Fabius backtracks after suggesting working with Syrian army

PARIS France's foreign minister was forced to backtrack on Friday after suggesting earlier in the day that troops loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could be used to fight Islamic State before a political transition took place in the country.

World, 27 Nov 2015

France's Hollande wins cooperation not coalition against IS

MOSCOW/BRUSSELS The leaders of Russia and France avoided each other's gaze as they made short, stiff statements in the Kremlin on Thursday before talks on countering Islamic State in Syria.

World, 27 Nov 2015

Turkey claims some successes, but migrant flows to Europe persist

ISTANBUL/GENEVA For a few days this week, officials in Turkey, Greece and Europe wondered if there might finally be signs of progress in their efforts to stem the flow of refugees and migrants pouring onto Lesbos.

World, 27 Nov 2015

Putin seeks map of forces not to bomb in Syria - France

PARIS Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked France to draw up a map of where groups fighting Islamic State militants operate in Syria in order not to bomb them, France's foreign minister said on Friday.

World, Top News 27 Nov 2015

Kurds should be at Saudi-held Syria opposition meet - leader

BEIRUT Syrian Kurds need political and military representation at a Syrian opposition conference organised by Saudi Arabia next month because they are a main partner fighting Islamic State and important to Syria's future, a Syrian Kurdish leader said.

World, 27 Nov 2015

Hollande, Putin agree to work more closely to combat Islamic State in Syria

MOSCOW France and Russia will exchange intelligence on Islamic State and other rebel groups to improve the effectiveness of their aerial bombing campaigns in Syria, French President Francois Hollande said on Thursday after talks with Vladimir Putin. | Video

World, Top News 27 Nov 2015

Putin says to keep cooperating with U.S.-led coalition over Syria

MOSCOW Russia will keep cooperating with the United States and its partners to fight Islamic State in Syria, but that cooperation will be in jeopardy if there are any repeats of Turkey's shooting down of a Russian jet, Russia's Vladimir Putin said.

World, 27 Nov 2015

Germany to support military campaign against IS after French appeal

BERLIN Germany will join the military campaign against Islamic State militants in Syria by deploying Tornado reconnaissance jets, refuelling aircraft and a frigate to the region, after a direct appeal from close partner France for Berlin to do more.

World, Aerospace & Defence, 27 Nov 2015

Britain's Cameron says time to bomb militants in Syria

LONDON Prime Minister David Cameron said on Thursday it was time to join air strikes against Islamic State in Syria because Britain cannot "subcontract its security to other countries". | Video

World, Top News, 27 Nov 2015

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Hollande and Putin to join forces over Islamic State

Russia's Putin and France's Hollande decide to join forces against IS, as Putin says Moscow is also ready to support other groups in Syria that are fighting against the militant group. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.