U.S. military failed in rescue attempt for journalist Foley


BAGHDAD/EDGARTOWN Mass. - The U.S. military earlier this summer carried out an attempt to rescue journalist James Foley and other American hostages held in Syria, a U.S. official said on Wednesday, in an operation that the Pentagon said ultimately failed to find the captives.

U.S. forces tried but failed to rescue U.S. hostages in Syria

WASHINGTON/EDGARTOWN Mass. - U.S. forces attempted to rescue journalist James Foley and other American hostages during a secret mission into Syria and exchanged gunfire with Islamic State militants only to discover the captives were not there, officials said on Wednesday.

World, 7:13am IST

Islamic State video shows conversion of Yazidis to Islam

BAGHDAD - Islamic State, a militant group that witnesses and officials say has executed hundreds of members of Iraq's Yazidis, has released a video that seeks to show it enlightened hundreds of members of the religious minority by converting them to Islam.

World, Iraq 4:47am IST

McCain calls for dramatic increase in US airstrikes against Islamic State

EDGARTOWN Mass. - Republican Senator John McCain called on Wednesday for a dramatic increase in U.S. airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Iraq and said the attacks should also extend into Syria.

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France seeks international meeting to tackle Islamic State

PARIS - France said on Wednesday it wanted to bring together Arab states, Iran and the main world powers to coordinate a comprehensive response against Islamic State insurgents who control large parts of Syria and Iraq.

World, 20 Aug 2014

Islamic State opens new anti-U.S. front with beheading video

BAGHDAD/BEIRUT - Islamic State's beheading of a U.S. journalist and its threat to "destroy the American cross" suggests it has gained enough confidence seizing large areas of Iraq and Syria to take aim at American targets despite the risks.

Top News, World, Iraq 20 Aug 2014

Bulgaria may extend Turkish border fence to bar Syrian, Iraqi refugees

SOFIA - Bulgaria may extend the fence at its border with Turkey to stop more refugees from Syria and Iraq entering illegally, a top interior ministry official said on Wednesday, while the foreign minister warned of "terrorism imports" to the EU member state.

World, Iraq 20 Aug 2014

Austria detains nine suspected of wanting to join militants in Syria

VIENNA - Nine people suspected of intending to join Islamic militants fighting the government in Syria have been arrested in Austria, Vienna prosecutors said on Wednesday.

World, 20 Aug 2014

France seeks international meeting to tackle Islamic State -Le Monde

PARIS - French President Francois Hollande called on Wednesday for an international conference to discuss ways of tackling Islamic State insurgents who have seized control of territory in Iraq and Syria.

World, Iraq 20 Aug 2014

Islamic State says beheads U.S. journalist, holds another

BAGHDAD/BEIRUT - Islamic State insurgents released a video on Tuesday purportedly showing the beheading of U.S. journalist James Foley, who had gone missing in Syria nearly two years ago, and images of another U.S. journalist whose life they said depended on U.S. action in Iraq.

Top News, World, 20 Aug 2014

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