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Breakingviews: Diamond Bob will bounce back in 2013

Friday, December 21, 2012 - 04:19

Dec. 21 - 2013 could provide opportunities for former Barclays boss Bob Diamond to re-emerge, says Breakingviews, unless the Serious Fraud Office reveals further dirt.

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Right here executives had a worse 2012 involved dominant but Royce is breaking news just what -- that he might just be the -- bounces back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's tossed a little bit fest on the will trend down that I see in this piece -- beat beat beat the headline says he. He'll bounce back in 2013. The -- line of he says turning thirteen should be about a year. I'm provoked armed eyes a little bit of Wharton -- is how could it possibly be any what us. -- Excuse me acts on an odd about that nobody in my. The respect different you love about -- it of those things to peak at two things -- precisely an absolutely complemented -- watering down a total. We side he will bounce back we use some different floods in the in the -- to nausea chest X -- in the company Eddie was and 2012 for -- Obstacles yeah yeah I mean -- freshman. Difficult salute to imagine it it's. I mean yes of course it completely -- into a number of things could happen to -- -- -- -- -- the -- he could end up with a personal tragedy he could you know. I -- but what will the point and it really. In what was pieces side is that ball diamond. And it will get IE big job next year and he will not he's not retiring is not somebody who's going to sort of fight to YE. -- He's association and we'd be -- scandal meant his reputation was dented. But really importantly -- the other banks. Whoever. It in this in this fiddling regime. Our rule so being a coming out you can we've had UBS having a fund which was much much larger than Bob please. So if you if there's any watering down is the watering down of the problem. -- please above dominant big associated. With libel OK I iPad and it would go to point out has put both -- and I have no knowledge of all of what was happening -- he had to go because he was in charge of the ship. But you know -- -- -- no suggestion that actually does any wrongdoing and the other -- -- and it just it. It is that the you know I think we need to recognize that Bob Dimon becoming something of a lightning rolled. In the -- caddie. The and ended in the context of UK public opinion for over -- back story. I'm an I'm and that meant that and he had to go not only because of the association would like -- maybe that was a big thing but you know he he had a terrible reputation. In the UK and the US to have completely different -- -- -- -- in the US citizen. Let's talk about -- way way people act happened and we we just put a strap on saying that we would probably be in the US is that it. But -- you think you. Well I'm. That continent to be perfectly honest not a big CEO's -- a debate back I think that that in a -- just wouldn't. Won't that went on the department. But behind. Thinking more in terms of hip pop up on of putts on the board of apparent Colin crippled financial services company. Perhaps is -- to -- and minority ornaments and to direct up or he could and then perhaps land up some sort of investment fund hedge fond optional in the public -- and probably as fit but I think there's also an outside shots that he has some sort of if you like I'm public service role. I've not had no but no not in business but in. I developed with the government but eight or sudden somewhere in the machinery of them. All right -- how does all of this this piece is one of the look at trying to guess increases the previous -- get this forty cent PS book you're putting in a book yet -- discriminate. Or someone mentioned the week we. You and I've done. -- -- Dedicates it to a few of those pieces. To come out shown that the defense and optimism that interest December. Someone -- that it was all right well top spot. But. Thank you very much indeed. Dummies like US breaking news show twelve bodies and seventeen studied at GMT. I'm axle broke with his horses.

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Breakingviews: Diamond Bob will bounce back in 2013

Friday, December 21, 2012 - 04:19

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