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DAVOS 2013: Boris Johnson: certain Britain will remain in EU

Friday, January 25, 2013 - 03:20

Jan. 25 - London mayor Boris Johnson tells Davos Today that the chances of British voters electing to leave the EU are ''infinitesimally small''.

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Selfish ignorant and dangerous with some of the political. Reaction from European leaders yesterday pretty brutal but the point right. The country I think that it speeds it's the British people have not been consulted about Europe that relationship Europe since 1970 -- There are plenty of countries that had referendums. Preach the daily news the tarnished the -- -- -- the British people be trusted to give an opinion as. And is pretty -- my -- -- -- you militant it would Nordson slightly bats. Provided this. Good enough you talk to that will be under review -- To stay in the single book you know that -- than it is to just about. Him Belgium's. Justice -- speeches. Consistencies that blatant ignorance. Europe. Criticism of the putting cost. For the British government. Well I thought the speech was it I didn't want to inconsistencies and I -- reports of ignorance it's referring to is he to me he's a pretty easy to beat the couple bases -- -- -- the point that David Cameron was. Is that the -- rogue group but going alone to do their thing we did happen to think the Euro has been attacks. Wonderful project neighbors that say for. -- -- UK is not going to be part of that doesn't opportunity. You could get a better deal but do you get a sense it's going to be a lot of things. In the next few years hoping. Again again the response from these. -- what bothered by the UK government and also known as retreat by the UK government by you. But I think it's. -- inevitable that the other -- on Britain's office. Who wants a four under way but making this book you so again about -- react to these very sensible I've talked to other European ministers who are here today. -- who who agree that it's fundamentally in the interest your. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That don't want yes guys in the -- on the side street you think it's human. Hit a he said. How woods to meet Lou being led vulnerable -- email and that's exactly right that's exactly right to break out of business we we get him responsible. Something date line. This thing. With them about. What what are you hearing from business leaders -- -- New -- postings on our market don't want -- the good to get in and -- I think it's a bit much for a European leaders to talk about uncertainty in the old vehicle urine has been producing fully confident in the global economy the use. It's an ability that some of the second when he business to violence in the will be more. In an ideal world these wonderful people would -- elections if people go to avoid political uncertainty if there is I think that the talks is of the British people. -- team to come on to the Coleman all his free trade. We basic ones are -- possible. And actually. Even if we. The good of this identity for a minute to repair its orbit. But it didn't thank you please McKee.

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DAVOS 2013: Boris Johnson: certain Britain will remain in EU

Friday, January 25, 2013 - 03:20

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