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Techquity: Zuckerberg channels Bezos, Qualcomm jumps

Friday, February 01, 2013 - 03:52

Jan 31 - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sounds like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as he focuses on firm's long-term future, while Qualcomm's shares leap higher.

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Quite branding FaceBook but not shouting out either. The social network growing its mobile business by 100%. In the fourth quarter but the number was below the forecast of some analysts. Three even downgraded the stock but still called earnings reports on or. Good not great. Shares fell below 29 dollars and 8% drop earlier in the day but it cut their losses dramatically. Analysts concerned about aggressive hiring and investment plans that will boost costs. CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat on the earnings call. We aren't operating to maximize their profit this year but we're doing what we think will build the best services business over the long term. Sounds very similar this. We will continue to make investment decisions in light of long term market leadership considerations. Rather than short term profitability. Considerations or short term Wall Street reactions. -- coming from Amazon's Jeff -- in 1997. Letter to shareholders right after its IPO. Zuckerberg can only hope his stock does well Amazon's which is near all time highs. Or as good as Apple's stock once there in time magazine reports that FaceBook and apple have a strong relationship. Zuckerberg -- -- earnings call he's really happy with this partnership over apps with apple but Facebook's relationship with Google in his words. Isn't one where the companies really talk. Speaking of apple still lords over the tablet market but its global market share has slipped for the second quarter in Monroe. IDC reports Apple's -- fell to 43 point 6% of all -- sales quarter from 46 point 4% in the third quarter. Samsung's galaxy tablets held on a second place but its shares stood still at fifteen point 1%. and Barnes and -- on the market share rise sharply to eleven and a half percent and one point 9% Asus shed 2.5 point 8%. What big loser Microsoft. Its surface tablets which debuted in October failed to make the top five. IDC says -- need to consider smaller screens in lower prices if it's to gain traction. IDC also said the worldwide tablet market grew more than 75%. In the last quarter from the year before the 52 and a half million units. Powering those tablets are chips and strong demand for tablets and cellphones are fueling earnings at some semiconductor makers. More than ten brokerage firms hike the price targets on Qualcomm. After the apple supplier raises revenue and profit target for this year. The sharp contrast other chipmakers like Texas Instruments Broadcom -- reports sluggish demand. Qualcomm earnings and revenue beat analysts' estimates profit rose 36% to one point nine billion dollars in the first quarter. The bullish outlook helped push the stock up roughly 5%. Skyworks Solutions narrowly beat consensus estimates its quarterly income rose more than 16% to 66 and a half million dollars. It's split -- to both Samsung and apple. Canaccord you knew he raises price target by a dollar to 31 dollars things skyward to me -- strong share in the Smartphone and handset market the stock. -- shooting up more than 13%. Are soaring stock today is up more than that it's. It's. Shares up about 19%. And sputtering Liquidity Services small cap on -- option there's surplus and salvage assets cut its outlook on concerns about the health. Of the economy. And that's equities this Thursday remember you can follow us on Twitter at RT RS -- equity. I'm Fred Katayama and this is what.

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Techquity: Zuckerberg channels Bezos, Qualcomm jumps

Friday, February 01, 2013 - 03:52

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