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Techquity: Apple tops Samsung, Google plays nice

Saturday, February 02, 2013 - 03:35

Feb. 1 - Apple tops Samsung in the U.S. while Google works on deals with the Europeans.

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Hi James apple topped its bitter rival. It has been taking a drubbing from investors and panels but here's a bright spot if your past Samsung has become the largest phone maker for the first time ever in the US. According to research firm strategy analytics helped by sales of iPhone 5. Apple shipped more than seventeen million phones in the fourth quarter. Boosting its market share to 34%. Samsung delivered sixteen point eight million phones placing second with 32 point 3% share LG remained there at 9%. But for the full year of 2012 Samsung led with 31 point 8% shared Apple's 26 point 2%. LG at less than half of Apple's share. Strategy analytics analyst Neil Shaw says Sampson will remain a tough competitor we expect the launches of new Smartphone models the galaxy S four and galaxy note three. Shares of apple roughly flat near 456. Books. And apple supplier has mounted a comeback. Investors are applauding audience is bullish first quarter forecast sending stock up more than 20% now. You may recall that stocks slid 58%. In a single day last September when it warned that apple will likely drop its technology in future iphones. Audio technology company wow Wall Street revenue estimates of between 4346. Million dollars in the current quarter. The business benefiting from its association with Samsung which now provides more than half its revenue. But audiences stock is still roughly 20% lower than the day before disclosed losing Apple's business. Google's making nice with the Europeans. The European Commission says the search giant has offered to -- specific steps. To address the commission's concerns about its business practices. It would disclose details. Companies that are in breach of EU rules can be fine as much as 10% of global turnover which could mean up to four billion dollars if there's no resolution in Google's case. Separately -- chairman Eric Schmidt signed the deal with French president Francois Hollande on payment for links. Publishers and France and Germany argued Google should patent copyright licensing fees. For listing headlines and snippets of articles in search engine results the agreement calls for Google contribute about 100 million dollars to fund for French media. Google shares up 2% today he briefly touched an all time high at 774. And 92. In our best for the rest today Dell. Sources telling Reuters that and company is nearing an agreement to sell itself. To group of investors including founder Michael Dell and private equity firms silver lake partners price likely be between thirteen and fourteen dollars a share. -- would take majority ownership with silver lake and Microsoft becoming minority owners that deal could be announced Monday. Dell shares up about 4% in the range of expected buyout price. Soaring and sputtering time our look at movers soaring -- PMC-Sierra. The chipmaker reported quarterly results that beat estimates and at least two brokerages raised the price target shares up 12%. And sputtering Brightcove. The online video publisher forecast lower than expected results the company also said the CF global become the CEO. Replacing right coastal time shares are down more than 1%. And that's equity is Friday and everything followers on Twitter -- RT RS and I'm -- ailment this it's.

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Techquity: Apple tops Samsung, Google plays nice

Saturday, February 02, 2013 - 03:35

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